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Stress Eating and Intolerances

So mad at myself! I had a really rough day yesterday and I soothed myself with cookies and ice cream. Bad, bad, bad. One interesting thing to note however: I was extremely gassy all night. Farting like crazy. Ew, sorry. TMI. But I find it fascinating because it means I probably have a sensitivity/intolerance to either wheat or dairy. I like knowing that! I will have to test them individually to find out. I also need to figure out a better solution to stress.

Dinner Tonight


Delicious. I even made my own dressing. I googled how to make a vinaigrette and it said to use oil:vinegar in the ratio of 3:1. I used olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Then I added some chopped onion, sea salt, a squirt of lemon, some honey and a few other spices. I drizzled on top of a bed of organic romaine and arugula. I added avocado, organic celery and tomatoes, almonds and raisins. It was amazing! So fresh and so tasty.

Aha Moment

It can be confusing, all you read about food choices. There is conflicting information everywhere. Vegetarianism is best. No, vegan. No, raw vegan. No, that will make you sick you should eat Paleo. Go gluten-free. Go sugar-free. Dairy-free. Low fat is best. High fat, low carb. Stay away from processed foods. Stay away from GMOs. Eat strictly organic. Eat a clean diet. It’s hard to know what is best and it’s enough to make your head spin!!!  For years I went back and forth not knowing what was best until I finally realized that they are all (for the most part) right because what makes one person feel great does not necessarily make someone else feel great. Everybody’s body is different. Some people thrive on a vegan diet. Some feel fantastic on Paleo. And they can both be right. It’s important to listen to your own body.

What I did find though in all my research is one thing that should be avoided across the board: sugar. No one says to continue eating sugar. No one. And no one says to eat a diet of highly refined, processed foods. No one. And I know that I personally feel better when I avoid them. So those will be my two non-negotiables, along with hot dogs, corn and soy. Hot dogs, though yummy, are just downright disgusting when you think about it and corn and soy are two of the most genetically modified products in the US (along with sugar beets whatever those are) so I won’t consume them at all unless they’re organic.

So. clean eating for me will be the following:

1. No corn, soy or hotdogs ever

2. Limit consumption of red meat, sugar and processed foods (will make exceptions on birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

3. Eat as many one ingredient foods as possible, organic for the dirty dozen (see graphic below from environmental working group)

4. Try to make each meal at least 50% raw

6. Drink lots of filtered water

That’s it! I think this is totally doable and what I should be eating. It makes sense for me. I am excited about it actually and I think I will be an excellent role model for my daughter if I eat this way.

Starting Over

I woke up today feeling terrible! I have terrible back pain reminiscent of how it used to feel often in the past year. I used to blame the mattress but now I’m not so sure. I didn’t have any back pain when I was eating raw. None and now it’s back. It could be partly because I feel asleep in a sugar-induced coma on the floor last night after writing my blog post and transferred to my bed in the middle of the night sometime but it could also be due to the food. But let’s be real: Falling asleep in a massive sugar-induced heap on the floor isn’t a good look!

So let’s recap. Last night for dinner I had bread with olive oil and spices and I ate one of my friend’s grilled shrimp. Then I ate my salad which was Romaine, cherry tomatoes, croutons, cucumber and dressing. For dinner I ordered grilled salmon with a Creole mustard sauce and broccoli. The broccoli was boiled to death and was mushy and had no flavor. What a travesty to ruin a delightfully, vibrant vegetable like that! I couldn’t even force my daughter to eat that it was so bad. I had 1.5 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc with it and then a double scoop of ice-cream: cookies and cream and chocolate chip.

Could it have been any worse?! Dairy. Gluten. Alcohol. Sugar!!! Who knows what the culprit was but I am paying the price. I feel bloated and gross this morning and it’s been ten hours. Back pain, bloating, grogginess, achy joints, feeling tired–not well rested at all. Sure I enjoyed just eating whatever I wanted in the moment but this feeling is so not worth it. Really. I’m going to hit the Farmer’s Market today and load up on healing, delicious raw foods and I am going to swing by Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a citrus juicer.

And here’s one more thing that makes me so mad I ate like that last night: I had planned on taking my daughter on a hike this morning. It isn’t hot or raining and we  have the time. It’s a perfect Saturday to do this but I have no energy! I feel sick! I just want to lie here and do nothing. This is no way to live! What kind of role model am I to my daughter if I eat junk and lie like a slug on the floor on a Saturday morning? I want to be the active family who eats fresh foods and bounces out the door on the weekends to do active things. If that is to happen it is up to me.

Please send some good vibes out there to the Universe for me to get back in focus. I really really do want this.

Let’s Get Personal Shall We?

Okay so here’s the truth: I went WAY off the cleanse. Today I went out to dinner and ordered salad (ok) and grilled fish (not raw) and brocolli (overcooked and mushy and sadly definitely not raw) and wine and ICE CREAM. what in the world am i doing?!

I feel bloated.

And guilty.

And annoyed with myself.

And weak.

And disappointed in myself.

And gross.

And full.

And unsatisfied.

My excuse? Or maybe it’s a valid reason but i got my period. I had cravings I don’t usually have. Perhaps this is why my willpower or resolve or determination faltered. But I also noticed my cramps (so far) have been virtually non-existent.

And here’s another thing I realized is critical to make this work you MUST be prepared and well-rested enough to want to put in the effort.  I slept terribly last night and that surely contributed. All I know is I need to get focused or I will gain back all the weight I have lost and I don’t want that to happen!

I need a citrus juicer.

I’m tired.

That is all.

Tomorrow is another day.

Thai Food is Not Allowed on a Water Fast

Just clarifying that for you in case you were unaware. :(. Ok, so yeah. Today on the 28 day cleanse was supposed to be a water fast and today was the day I totally broke my raw foods stint and ate cooked food.

I woke up exhausted and with a sore throat. I don’t think it was any kind of detoxing symptoms but rather that it was freezing in my apartment. Then again I was also super emotional yesterday too. I was feeling overwhelmed by the things in my life and felt like crying all day. I don’t know what that was about but I digress. So anyways it was really cold, like 50 degrees last night…in July! I am not kidding. I was SOOO cold! So I woke up feeling like crap and I knew only water today wasn’t going to cut it.

I started the day with a smoothie made with blueberries, kale, one tiny sugar plum, a peach, banana and some almond milk. It was really good but a few hrs later I was hungry for some food so I made myself a sandwich with wheat bread and sunflower nut butter and banana and had a glass of almond milk. I gotta be honest: it was just okay. I snacked on the goji berry cacao squares I have stashed in my freezer and had some more blueberries then I went out for dinner later.

Dinner was at a Thai restaurant. My friend got delayed on the Metro and I really wanted a glass of wine while I waited but instead I ordered the seaweed salad. When he arrived we shared some salmon avocado sushi which was delicious. For dinner I ordered a dish with eggplant, chicken and basil and ate it with rice. I also had a bite of his lamb. My daughter, on the other hand, was truly horrified that he was eating lamb. I asked to sample it and he offered some to her. She had a sad look on her face and said, “No, I will never eat lamb! I like lambs, I don’t eat lambs! They are so cute!!” Of course I immediately had a picture of a sweet, fluffy lamb on a green pasture and could barely swallow my bite. She’s right, we shouldn’t be eating lambs, they are sweet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a vegetarian at some point in her young life.

Anyways, I ate my food but it was just okay. It was weird to have my food at that high (heat) temperature. That was a sensation I wasn’t used to and chewing on the chicken wasn’t really as good as I was expecting. The sauce also was very salty to me. I used to really like that restaurant but maybe because I’ve been eating so clean can don’t enjoy the oils and sauces that might have been bottled or poorer quality. I found myself not able to finish my food which is highly unusual when it comes to me and Thai food.

After dinner my daughter wanted some ice cream and she decided on mint. She was raving about it and both she and the saleslady were encouraging me to sample it but I couldn’t. I had ZERO taste for that sugary treat. Really, really odd. I LOVE ice cream but I just haven’t had any interest since starting this raw foods cleanse in eating sweets. My cravings have essentially disappeared. I love this side benefit.

After dinner I felt bloated and gassy and fell right to sleep exhausted. I am typing this, however, at 3:40am. I woke up about an hour ago very hot (I slept in a sweatshirt) and got up to pee and decided to look at videos on raw food on YouTube and type this post instead. You know what’s crazy though?! I was waking up in the middle of the night for weeks and as soon as I started eating raw I was sleeping through the night. One day of cooked food and I’m back to waking up. Interesting.

I need to force myself to get back to sleep now because, well, sleep is necessary and good for you but also because I’m touring a private school tomorrow for my daughter and I’m sure they will be sizing me up as well. After this experience I think it will be easy to get back on track tomorrow.

Super Dry Skin

I have always had dry skin. It seemed to get better when we lived in the tropics; though still dry it wasn’t as dry. But when we returned to the US last month it suddenly got WAY worse and it’s summertime! I knew I had to get it under control immediately or it was going to be a painful mess come winter. It had started cracking and bleeding. Not sure why but something about the change in weather I suppose (though it’s been hot and humid here, too).

Let me share some disgusting photos of my dry feet.
IMG_0585 IMG_0586  IMG_0590 IMG_0591IMG_0589

Gross, I know. So I have tried for years to put on Vaseline or oil and sleep in socks but it just didn’t work for me. When we lived abroad I could just get weekly pedicures and that got it under control. Now back home I can’t afford that option so I was looking for another solution when I came across this gem of a tip: Put oil on them and socks but then wrap them in plastic bags and secure them while you are sleeping.

I have done this for the last three nights using coconut oil and I have seen a marked improvement already! I plan to keep this up along with drinking tons more water to keep my skin hydrated and I fully expect them to heal. Don’t have any after photos just yet but I will post them when they are completely healed.

(I don’t know why I keep posting my awful before photos without the great after photos to go along with them. I guess I’m trying to motivate myself to really be fierce by fifty.. or maybe I just enjoy being embarrassed..?)

Do you have any tips for dealing with dry, cracking heels that will speed up the process for me? Please share!