Day 3

It’s Day 3 of the challenge and sorry for not doing daily updates but I have so many things to do! I have been looking at furniture and shopping for food and all kinds of other errands. I went to Trader Joe’s and spent $135 on (mostly) food. That was kind of steep but as they say, pay now or pay later. Ha!

I haven’t been following the meals on the program at all. I don’t have time. (By the way, if you are interested, the website to join the next challenge is 28 Days of Raw. Click here if you want to check it out). So what have I been doing instead? Well I am eating some processed things which state they are raw on the label like Almond Butter Cacao Truffles and some kale chips which claimed to be gently heated. I don’t think those are technically allowed but I still don’t have my kitchen set up so what can I do? I tried to wash my dishes and my new blender early this morning but the water started pouring out of the dishwasher! Last thing I needed was 4 gallons of water on my kitchen floor at 6 in the morning.. so excuse me if I am doing my own version.

I have been working out and drinking lots of water but I have been really, really tired. But check this out! I weighed myself and I’m down 4.4 pounds! I started out at 155 and this morning I opened my new scale and it said 150.6. Okay, I did use my friend’s scale for the first weigh-in but I’m going with it! It was a morale booster even if I didn’t really lose all that weight in three days. 🙂

I finally got my kitchen stuff together (except for my Vitamix which is in my delayed shipment) so I am good to go for smoothies and juices starting tomorrow. Yay!




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