I Blame the Men

I didn’t eat raw yesterday. 😦  I know! It was only day 4 or 5 (I’m losing track) but it was because I had two dates!

Ok, let me go back. I started out the day fine. I had some fresh squeezed grapefruit and orange juice for breakfast and I didn’t eat lunch because I had no appetite. In fact my stomach was kind of bothering me. Later though I started feeling really light-headed and dizzy. This surprised me since I have never really reacted to not eating or had low blood sugar to my knowledge but I suspect that was what it was. I didn’t want to eat anything but around 3:00 I figured it might help so I ate one raw almond butter cacao truffle and some water and then my stomach really started hurting so by the time dinner rolled around I was dragging myself there. But I had to go. See I am on a dating website and I have been talking to this guy for about three months and we finally made a plan to meet last night. I wanted to postpone but I didn’t think that would be right so we met for dinner at a restaurant he chose. It was a good choice because I knew I could at least get a vegan meal even if it wasn’t raw. I ordered gazpacho with guacamole and olive oil, pan-fried tofu with quinoa and roasted vegetables and I had a cup of camomile tea with honey. (And one bite of his grilled salmon). It was tasty but if I were going to eat cooked food I would have preferred the crab cakes with grits or the grilled salmon with mashed potatoes. Man, just typing those meals has me hungry!!!

Anyway, we had a nice dinner but what I discovered was after dinner I had intense cravings for something sweet and suggested we get some ice cream. Luckily we couldn’t find it so we said our good-byes because he had a plane to catch and I hopped in my car to leave. Just then I got a phone call from a guy I used to date years ago whom I haven’t seen since I moved back into town and he suggested we hook up for a quick drink. He wanted to get margaritas but we nixed that (I would have caved at the chips and salsa) and thankfully went to another restaurant where I had one glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. So, there you have it. After my friend and I said good-bye I had to laugh. Why did the lyrics to that Notorious B.I.G song pop into my mind?

“Isn’t this great? Your flight leaves at eight.
Her flight lands at nine, my game just rewinds
Lyrically I’m supposed to represent
I’m not only a client, I’m the player President.”

Cracked me up.

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