Rolling into Week 2 and Some Observations

Well today is Day 7 of the challenge and I must admit that I have not been 100% raw. I had the food and wine I posted about a couple of days ago and yesterday I went out for Ethiopian food. I did order the veggie platter and drank water but I ate injera and of course the food was cooked.

Here are some things I have learned doing this challenge:

1. Preparation is key! If you are out and about and don’t have some raw foods with you it will be VERY hard to remain focused. Why aren’t there vegan or raw food drive-thrus?! Can someone please open that chain? There is one vegetarian restaurant with raw food options not too far from my house so I have been frequenting there but no other places are as accessible. That is shocking to me for living in such a large city. While there I mentioned trying to be raw and I loved the comment I got. When I mentioned wanting some fish (the cashier is vegetarian) he told me to “stay strong” and that I could do it. When I mentioned being hungry he pointed me to some raw protein powder. This leads me to #2.

2. Surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s so much easier to be supported than to be mocked!

3. When I eat cooked foods I get cravings afterwards for something sweet. This I find very interesting. If I stay raw I don’t which is perhaps due to my body getting what it needs at that meal and being satiated.

4. Too much celery in green juice isn’t tasty.

5. Packaged raw desserts, though not technically on the program, are a life saver when out running errands or too busy/tired/unprepared to make a real meal. And shockingly they taste pretty good when you eat raw foods most of the time!

I am going to go grocery shopping this week for more greens. I run out them quickly with juicing so frequently. I think I will need to shop 2-3x a week like the French to keep things fresh and plentiful.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Like the French. The except they eat tons of cheese and bread. That’s not raw, right?


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