IMG_0631I had a great juicer when I lived overseas but not only is it stuck at customs right now but it is 220 or 240V so I can’t use it anyways so I researched juicers to find one I liked. I knew it was important to research because I tried juicing at my friend’s house when I first got back into town using her new juicer and it was terrible! It barely squeezed out any juice and it was a pain in the ass to clean! That is unacceptable! After a few hours I settled on an Omega juicer and I like it.

This is not a review so I won’t go into tons of details but I liked it because it was exactly the same as my old juicer so it was a snap to set up but it comes with a ten-year warranty. It didn’t like juicing celery stalks and got jammed but that was my fault because I forgot to cut the stalks up into small pieces.

The amount of juice that it squeezes out is AMAZING and the pulp is extremely dry.

I made a crazy juice. I made it up with the following ingredients: beets, celery, kale, apple, lemon, carrot, romaine, grapes, cucumber and plum. It was okay. I can’t wait for my shipment to arrive because I have an awesome juicing book that I bought in there that I am dying to try!IMG_0627 IMG_0628

IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0634




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