One Week Down

It is Day 8 still but I need to do another post.

I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 150.2. I am not exactly sure where I started, somewhere between 154 and 156 so I am going with 154 which means in one week I have seen a 3.8 pound weight loss! Sweet! That’s the good news.

The bad news is I am not looking or feeling great. I just moved back in the country a few weeks ago and I am noticing that the past week that I have been in my new apartment and eating (mostly) raw that I have been experiencing some not so good things. I am not sure what to attribute these changes to.

These are the changes I noticed after landing in US but before going raw:

– EXTREMELY dry skin (skin cracking and bleeding)

-dark circles worse than usual

-less pain in my hip upon waking than when I had when living overseas (horrible bed in Manila)

These are the changes I noticed after moving into my new apartment and going (mostly) raw but eating more foods that aren’t organic and tons and tons of nuts:

-less congestion, less need to clear my throat (I have eaten vegan even if not raw so this is interesting; I guess I am sensitive to dairy)

-pain in hip greater

-dark circles remain dark

But these are much more worrisome…

–a dormant wart has resurfaced

-stomach aches

waking with my toes asleep

-waking with pain in my right hand at the joints

The last two things worry me the most. I used to have joint pain so badly that I went to a rheumatoglogist and she diagnosed me with having RA and tried to prescribe some drugs. I refused and worked hard on researching ways to heal it naturally. When I moved overseas the pain eventually went away completely but now it’s back. This scares me.

What could be causing these aches and pains?

I know it’s not the raw foods I’m consuming but it may be that I am consuming more pesticides. In Manila we ate more organic fruits and veggies. This is because there wasn’t nearly the variety of produce that I liked there (I just bought non-organic cherries, for example, because my daughter requested them and because I love cherries, too) and there were many extremely expensive imported items that I just flat out refused to buy (like $8 for some Australian celery).

Maybe it’s the new apartment? It has wall to wall carpet and there was a strong cleaning smell when we moved in. They claim to be a green apartment building but I bet their cleaning products aren’t necessarily the healthiest and cleanest they could be. I wonder if they would allow me to remove the carpeting? I hear there is hard wood underneath!

Maybe it’s the sudden large consumption of nuts? Nuts in Manila were really expensive so although I ate them daily I ate far fewer. Now that they are cheaper they are my snack food as well as being present in raw vegan desserts and raw vegan snack foods on the go.

I doubt it is some sort of healing crisis because my diet hasn’t changed all that dramatically. Wait, I take that back!! When we first got here (the first two weeks) we stayed with a friend whose pantry is filled with processed foods and my daughter and I went hog wild. We’re talking Pot Tarts, Cheez Its, bacon, hot dogs, white bread, soda, french fries, cereal, etc. All these changes may be due to that now that I think about it! And my daughter has a small rash or some hives on her skin that are barely noticeable but they definitely weren’t there before. I suspected hers were due to what she was eating (she ate way more junk than I could stomach) but now that I think about it it makes perfect sense that it has caused me issues, too. Who knows?

In any event, I am looking forward to eating only fruit today as per the raw foods challenge– though I am going to add veggies to lessen the sugar intake.


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