Let’s Get Personal Shall We?

Okay so here’s the truth: I went WAY off the cleanse. Today I went out to dinner and ordered salad (ok) and grilled fish (not raw) and brocolli (overcooked and mushy and sadly definitely not raw) and wine and ICE CREAM. what in the world am i doing?!

I feel bloated.

And guilty.

And annoyed with myself.

And weak.

And disappointed in myself.

And gross.

And full.

And unsatisfied.

My excuse? Or maybe it’s a valid reason but i got my period. I had cravings I don’t usually have. Perhaps this is why my willpower or resolve or determination faltered. But I also noticed my cramps (so far) have been virtually non-existent.

And here’s another thing I realized is critical to make this work you MUST be prepared and well-rested enough to want to put in the effort.  I slept terribly last night and that surely contributed. All I know is I need to get focused or I will gain back all the weight I have lost and I don’t want that to happen!

I need a citrus juicer.

I’m tired.

That is all.

Tomorrow is another day.


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