Aha Moment

It can be confusing, all you read about food choices. There is conflicting information everywhere. Vegetarianism is best. No, vegan. No, raw vegan. No, that will make you sick you should eat Paleo. Go gluten-free. Go sugar-free. Dairy-free. Low fat is best. High fat, low carb. Stay away from processed foods. Stay away from GMOs. Eat strictly organic. Eat a clean diet. It’s hard to know what is best and it’s enough to make your head spin!!!  For years I went back and forth not knowing what was best until I finally realized that they are all (for the most part) right because what makes one person feel great does not necessarily make someone else feel great. Everybody’s body is different. Some people thrive on a vegan diet. Some feel fantastic on Paleo. And they can both be right. It’s important to listen to your own body.

What I did find though in all my research is one thing that should be avoided across the board: sugar. No one says to continue eating sugar. No one. And no one says to eat a diet of highly refined, processed foods. No one. And I know that I personally feel better when I avoid them. So those will be my two non-negotiables, along with hot dogs, corn and soy. Hot dogs, though yummy, are just downright disgusting when you think about it and corn and soy are two of the most genetically modified products in the US (along with sugar beets whatever those are) so I won’t consume them at all unless they’re organic.

So. clean eating for me will be the following:

1. No corn, soy or hotdogs ever

2. Limit consumption of red meat, sugar and processed foods (will make exceptions on birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

3. Eat as many one ingredient foods as possible, organic for the dirty dozen (see graphic below from environmental working group)

4. Try to make each meal at least 50% raw

6. Drink lots of filtered water

That’s it! I think this is totally doable and what I should be eating. It makes sense for me. I am excited about it actually and I think I will be an excellent role model for my daughter if I eat this way.


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