Fresh Basil Plant

I bought an organic basil plant from the grocery store. This thing is awesome! I just pick off the leaves to add to my salad dressing and a few days later more are there in its place! I don’t know why I am so amazed. 🙂  I guess I just love that I am saving money. As soon as we are in a house I plan on planting a large garden.

IMG_0946On another note, I am almost back to normal. My voice is back but I think I have pink eye! Will go to the doctor tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wrote my apartment complex and explained I think the rug is giving me an allergic reaction. The property  manager is supposed to get back to me tomorrow. I don’t want to move out but I am not sure what other options there are. I asked them if we could remove the carpeting and was told no. I asked to move to a unit with hardwood floors and they say there aren’t any but I know for a fact that underneath my wall to wall carpeting are hardwood floors so maybe they will make an exception. I’ll find out tomorrow.


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