Hello, America

Being healthy is hard if you live in the United States. There is fluoride in the water, GMO “foods” sold without labels in the markets, processed food everywhere and so many overweight people that  you start to think of your extra twenty pounds as being no big deal.

I  have been eating a terrible diet for the past two weeks. I started my new job and they have been providing a lot of meals and most of it is stuff I shouldn’t be eating. It’s a shame, really. In Asian countries it’s acceptable and normal to eat rice, broth, fish and vegetables for meals with unsweetened tea or water. Americans, meanwhile, chow down on pasta with sauces, sugary drinks and desserts. Trying to choose just the salad and water when everyone around you is eating lasagna, lemonade and chocolate cake is really hard. No wonder there are so many fat people here and I am slowly becoming one of them.

This weekend is dedicated to organizing my life so health and wellness are the focus. I need more sleep, more water.  healthier foods and exercise. I don’t have a choice. How? Well, for one since I have to be at work at 7am, it’s going to be “early to bed and early to rise”. New bedtime? 9pm – or 10pm at the latest if occasionally necessary. Then I am going to unpack my overseas shipment and locate my cutting boards, juicer, etc. and start using them. I haven’t figured out yet where exercise is fitting in but the other plan is to be vegan until 6pm. Have you heard of that book? I don’t know where I first read about it but here’s the Amazon link:


The basic premise is to eat vegan (fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds specifically) until 6pm and then for dinner you can eat what you want in moderation. I think this is great! I am busy at work so I won’t have much temptation anyways but then it allows for me to go to happy hour, go on dates or hang out with friends without being on some crazy restrictive diet plan. I love it and the author had great results with it.

Now if I could only find a time and place to exercise..

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