Not Attractive!

Okay, this is a warning for the squeamish. Do not read further if you are disgusted or appalled by bodies that are less than perfect. Here’s the deal: I was lying on the couch feeling fat, full and bloated when I looked down at my stomach and I was really horrified.  It is truly disgusting and I’m only posting a photo because one day I know I will be posting an “after”.  But there is more than just a grossly fat stomach at play here. I have major joint pain; I can barely walk across the floor sometimes. I am exhausted – exhausted in as in falling into a coma mid-afternoon unable to do anything productive or fun. No. energy. at. all. This is no way to live! And I can’t take it so tomorrow I am trying again. Giving up wheat because I am convinced that the joint pain is an auto immune response and sugar because it is just plain bad for you and there is no reason to eat it. Period. End of story. No more excuses!

So here goes… Feast your eyes on this. Sorry. Yuck. Maybe public embarrassment will be motivating?


(and what in the hell is that little piece on my right side?! Ew!)

So, tomorrow I am starting AGAIN! Eating clean and drinking tons of water. Really hope I can sustain it this time..


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  1. It is amazing how we suddenly catch a glimpse of what’s been creeping up on us unnoticed for some time. I had great success with the 17-day diet. And no, I have no financial connection to the good doctor. Just bought one of his books and got most of the info on line. A balanced meal planning guide you can stick to for life (well, so far it’s been 10 months for me and am perfectly happy (and 33 pounds less heavy).:)


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