Noticable Change

It’s only been two days but I am already feeling different. No, not just different because that takes away from how much different better I am feeling. I haven’t been feeling bloated or exhausted. Still got achy joints but really in just two days I can feel the difference. It’s awesome! Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Smoothie with Romain, spinach, banana, apple; cup of coffee with cream

Snack: granola bar and cheese stick

Lunch: Salad with Romaine, golden raisins, almonds, roast beef, avocado and balsamic dressing

Dinner: carrots with olive hummus, baked chicken with salsa, 1/4 banana, 2 strawberries, 1/2 glass of Chardonnay

I also noticed that I slept through the night last night –without waking up once!– and woke up this morning without an alarm at 6:15am.

It may be too quick to notice any changes but dare I conclude that change in diet is the reason why I am feeling so much better?!



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