Good News and Bad News

Okay, bad news first. I ate a Luna bar. I had some intense sugar cravings and I was about to get a teaspoon of maple syrup but that seemed crazy to me so I ate a Luna bar out of my freezer instead. They have evaporated cane juice which is not allowed. Sigh. It hit the spot though, not going to lie.

Good news though is I went to the gym! I have a trial membership til the end of the month. I was hoping there would be a class but unfortunately there was not so I just hopped on the treadmill. It was dreadfully boring (need to bring my iPod next time to plug into the TV) but I stayed until I did 2 miles. It took me 35 minutes but I brought up my heart rate and broke a small sweat. Hey, it was something! I came home and ate some cabbage I had prepared earlier and a glass of red wine and finished it off with the aforementioned Luna bar and then slept for nine hours!
This is the recipe I used for the cabbage. It was delish! I got it from but modified it. First I sautéed three onions, thinly sliced, in some coconut oil and butter. Then I added about 1cup of baby carrots which I cut in half lengthwise. When they started getting soft I added 3 packages of shredded cabbage and threw in about a teaspoon each of cumin, turmeric, minced garlic and Berbere powder, and then threw in some salt, fresh shredded ginger and cayenne pepper to taste. I cooked the whole dish about 20 minutes and then tried it. It was waaaaay too spicy, probably because I didn’t add the potatoes it called for (didn’t have any but also didn’t want any) but I think potatoes soak up spices. I was trying to get my kitchen to smell like an Ethiopian restaurant. Do you know that distinct smell I am talking about? I thought using authentic Berbere powder straight from Addis Ababa would do the trick but it didn’t work; all I had was super spicy food that we couldn’t eat so I cut up another 2 cups of baby carrots lengthwise, sautéed them in a separate pot with butter, coconut oil and honey and then stirred them in. Much better! I’m looking forward to eating it today for lunch once the favors have all melded. Tasty and healthy– well I thought so, but even when served with injera my daughter hated it. Oh well, more for me!

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