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Dreaming of Pasta

Literally! Last night I dreamt that someone offered me a plate of pasta. This is ridiculous! I am thinking of wheat and my diet so much I am dreaming about it?!  Crazy.


Avoiding Gluten

So most of October I avoided wheat. What did I notice? I wasn’t bloated after a meal. And, this is clearly too much information but I will share it anyway– I got constipated. I still didn’t think I was gluten intolerant though. I mean, really, how many people really need to avoid it altogether? Thing is I have other annoying problems that I am trying to get rid of like fatigue, inflammation, my lingering chin rash and hip pain and I do wonder if going off gluten entirely might change those. And then I came across this article and it hit me like a ton of bricks. These issues really may stem from gluten after all.

The article states ten symptoms of gluten intolerance including bloating, constipation, Keratosis pilaris fatigue, a diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis (yup, I’ve got that!), chronic fatigue, pain, inflammation, swelling or pain in your joints such as fingers, knees or hips.

Wow. Really, wow.

So I am back off gluten. And the sugar binges caused almost instantaneous crashes afterwards. I ate some Halloween candy and within an hour was in a heap on the sofa. It was awful. So bye-bye refined sugar again as well.

Delicious Pancakes

I found a recipe for pancakes that doesn’t contain any flour, not even almond or coconut flour!  I don’t like coconut flour and almond flour is fattening so I was looking for an alternative. These were on the Eating Rules blog (the guy who conceived of the October Unprocessed challenge) and they were surprisingly delicious! My daughter LOVED them and suggested we eat them every day for breakfast. Hey, I might consider it because they were super quick and easy to prepare as well!


And I can see them being made and used as bread for sandwiches for a delicious gluten-free alternative!


October is Over

IMG_1674I challenged myself to give up refined white sugar and wheat for the month of October. It went pretty well. I wasn’t anal about checking labels but I was nearly 100% with no wheat. Sugar I was decent but not as successful with giving it up completely. I didn’t feel terribly different but I didn’t feel bloated or disgusting like I often feel after I go hog-wild with a plate of cookies. Last night was Halloween and I admit I ate 8 pieces of my child’s candy for dinner. Big time fail. Today, November 1st, I had a sandwich and a cookie. They both tasted delicious but I swear my stomach is poking out more than it was all month. I plan to get back on track tomorrow. Despite not being 100% I do think it’s better for me personally to avoid those foods. And really what I need to do is do an elimination diet so I can pinpoint what I react the most to. Maybe in the new year… Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up after all.

Yeah, I got a whole arsenal of excuses, don’t I? LOL. Okay, to my credit I did join a gym! Yay for me! I look forward to meeting with a trainer tomorrow and starting to incorporate exercise into my routine.