October is Over

IMG_1674I challenged myself to give up refined white sugar and wheat for the month of October. It went pretty well. I wasn’t anal about checking labels but I was nearly 100% with no wheat. Sugar I was decent but not as successful with giving it up completely. I didn’t feel terribly different but I didn’t feel bloated or disgusting like I often feel after I go hog-wild with a plate of cookies. Last night was Halloween and I admit I ate 8 pieces of my child’s candy for dinner. Big time fail. Today, November 1st, I had a sandwich and a cookie. They both tasted delicious but I swear my stomach is poking out more than it was all month. I plan to get back on track tomorrow. Despite not being 100% I do think it’s better for me personally to avoid those foods. And really what I need to do is do an elimination diet so I can pinpoint what I react the most to. Maybe in the new year… Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up after all.

Yeah, I got a whole arsenal of excuses, don’t I? LOL. Okay, to my credit I did join a gym! Yay for me! I look forward to meeting with a trainer tomorrow and starting to incorporate exercise into my routine.


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