It’s Been a Minute

Or make that three weeks since I’ve posted. That is a damn shame. But you know what is more of a shame? That I have been eating non-stop junk and feel like crap. The pain in my hip is really, really bad and Thanksgiving was just a free for all and I am paying the price. Ugh, not fun. So  I have a new challenge for myself (AGAIN): no wheat/extremely limited grains and no sugar or alcohol til Christmas. Today was day 1 and it was okay. I created some pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin purée yogurt, oats, eggs and maple syrup. They were decent and extremely filling. Dinner was leftover baked fish, baked chicken, acorn squash with onions and cranberries and water. Need to up my water for sure. Oh wait, I almost forgot. I also had a huge juice at breakfast with kale, coconut water, beets, pineapple and apple. I saved the rest to start my day tomorrow. Plan on juicing a lot this month. I feel full and satisfied as I type this and not craving the chocolate chip cookies or the peppermint cocoa I bought yesterday from Trader Joe’s (hours before I decided to change my food intake). I may allow myself one evening to enjoy cocoa and cookies while we decorate our Christmas tree, I’m not going to lie –oh, and I may slip up when we make a gingerbread house, but the plan is to really be more conscious of what goes into my mouth. Maybe I can decorate the tree and make a gingerbread house without slipping up! Who knows? What I do know is that I am down to a year and a half to become fierce and at this rate it’s not going to happen!!


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