As if I Didn’t Know

Tis the season for holiday treats. At work my co-worker offered me some cookies. I tried to refuse but I succumbed. Ate 3 (which is actually good for me!) but I kid you not–within hours I had an enormous zit on my face and that evening I was constipated!! Sorry, TMI but WOW! So, yeah. This is good news. I already thought I knew wheat wasn’t working for me, but now I know. Hard facts but good to know. Now to work on this zit! Why oh why did it pop up right before a first date?! At least he still complimented me on my beauty. In fact, he said I look younger than my pictures (we met online) and am even more beautiful. How nice was that? With a huge zit and all. lol

Now to tackle processed foods, carbs and sugar. I know that carbohydrates break down into sugar and all these food items lead to inflammation. I especially have to get away from the boxed foods!! Eating sugar from fruit and maple syrup is fine for now and carbs from fruit and potatoes and rice are fine for now– but I really need to go cold turkey on the packaged gluten-free cookies type “food” items. Yep, fake foods and refined sugars are next to get the ax. Took me six months to internalize that wheat products were no good for me and be conscious about not eating them. I hope it doesn’t take so long for the processed foods and sugars.


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