OMG My Face!

I woke up yesterday morning and my face looked puffy. I hadn’t sleep very well so I figured that was it. I also over indulged and felt bloated. My mom’s 86th birthday was yesterday and we went out for dinner to a Japanese hibachi grill and had cake and ice cream afterwards. I had wheat noodles and unknown oils and non-organic vegetables and beef that was probably not grass-fed. The cake and ice cream were store-bought and filled with sugar, artificial favors and colors. Your typical American meal, tasty but so bad for you (well, me). I ate and ate and ate, crammed in as much as possible and then ate some more so when I looked puffy I wasn’t particularly surprised. What shocked me though was my skin! I was applying lotion to my face and I could feel fine bumps all over my skin! Something had made me break out. What in the world am I doing to myself?? I know I’m sensitive to certain foods yet I continue to eat them? Makes. No. Sense.

I am beyond frustrated and annoyed with myself. I havent eaten anything yet today. I’m not sure what to eat. I know I need to go on a fast to rid myself of all these toxins but I don’t want to! I want to prepare some black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day; I want to bake sugar cookies with my five-year-old… that’s what I want to do. Waah! Poor me. Whine, whine, whine… I need to get over it, I know. And I can bake cookies with her without eating any! I know this too. Why is food-well eating really-such a fun, social activity? If I lived in a remote village somewhere I wouldn’t have options and would simply be grateful for a piece of meat to go with my veggie and starch. Decorated Christmas cookies?? Am I really complaining that I can’t eat Christmas cookies? Yes I am and I need to stop.


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