Happy New Year

So, I got a grip and I returned the sugar cookie mix and the red sugar crystals. While at Whole Paycheck I picked up some romaine, apples, tangerines, avocado, pomegranates and a bunch of other  produce. This morning I made an amazing juice; the rest of the day I ate somewhat healthfully. Have you seen Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead? I have Amazon Prime so I was able to watch it for free. The star, this guy Joe, lost some crazy amount of like 52 pounds by doing a 60 day juice fast. He also lowered his cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and cured his auto immune disease which caused painful red hives. It was amazing. The most important thing I learned is that most of your diet should be from micronutrients: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and beans.

I’m ready to do this. Starting weight: 156.4.

And if exhaustion, extreme hip pain, cellulite, dark circles and excess weight weren’t enough a reason to get more serious, take a look at my skin.



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