Ever Tried Intermittent Fasting?

I have tried so many diets and exercise plans and read so many books and have felt so deprived. I’m not joking! On my bookshelf right now I have about 15 books about eating better and getting healthy but I think I have the solution: intermittent fasting! The book I have chosen to follow is 5:2, basically you fast two days of the week and eat normally the other 5. On your fasting days you can eat up to 500 calories but I find that skipping breakfast and lunch altogether and saving it up for dinner works best in terms of hunger pangs. It is supposed to be great for weight loss, extending life, lowering glucose, cholesterol, improving triglycerides, energy level, etc. and the best part: it’s not that hard because you know the next day you can eat! I’m in love.


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