Aches and Pains and Gym Memberships

Okay, here is another shitty thing about getting older: aches and pains. I have mentioned my hip pain but I also get these stabbing pains in my left knee and foot every now and then. I have no idea why. Trust me, it’s not because I am some sort of endurance athlete or anything. LOL. Can you get knee pain from being to sedentary? Yeah, that would be me.

I really need to go to the gym. Would you believe I joined a gym in October and I have not been one time? That is pathetic and a huge waste of money. Lazy and wasteful and stupid. That’s like a $240 donation to LA Fitness. I have no excuse for my this except I have no time!
I am going to give myself til the end of the month to figure out what to do with that membership. By then I will know if we plan to stay in the area (depending on the admissions results of the schools where I applied for my daughter). If she doesn’t get in anywhere we will have to move. If love it, I will continue it til we move (if we move) but if it sucks then I probably won’t go back so why even act like I will and waste the money? It’s good I have vacation next week; I’m going to force myself to go every day.

Do you go to the gym every day? Do you love it?


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