I Did It

Yep! I went to the gym. I planned on going to the 9:45 Zumba class but when I got there I learned that it had been cancelled. Not wanting to leave without doing something I asked if I could get the free assessment they offer to new members. Turns out the “assessment” was actually a personal training session with weigh-in, body fat analysis and BMI. I was hoping for measurements instead of the personal training hard sell but it was cool. We worked out for an hour and let me tell you, it was hard work! I am so out of shape. The good news is it won’t take much to see a vast improvement. Here are my miserable numbers:

Weight: 158
BMI: 25
Percentage of body fat: 36%

Awful. Really awful. Like off the charts awful. A BMI of 25 for my height is considered overweight and he showed me on the chart that someone in the 36% body fat range is considered to be in “extremely poor” shape. Wow. It was very useful information though; I left the gym and bought some more produce to juice and salad fixings. I plan to eat salads for many, many meals. I love them and they can be super healthy so it’s all good. I’m feeling pretty confident that starting today things are going to start to improve.


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  1. Posted by Finding God Daily on March 27, 2014 at 11:21 am

    I have been going to the gym since right after Thanksgiving. I will turn 60 in the next few months. It has helped arthritis and back pains and I believe has made me calmer and less stressed. We, my hubby and I, go Monday through Friday and have missed very few days. I have had 3 different trainers, which is a little confusing and have 3 very different body fat readings. I wish I had just used a measuring tape from the start. Just curious, what did they use for that? Thanks and best wishes!!


    • Wow, good for you! I wanted to get my measurement for my arms, calves, thighs, stomach, waist, etc. so I can track the improvement of inches lost since that often happens faster with weight training then seeing pounds off show up on the scale. I bought one myself and am going to do the measurements myself! Hope they’re accurate; I think they will be as long as I keep doing them myself!


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