I Love My Fitbit!

..Or obsessed with it may be more accurate. 🙂 It tracks my calories, steps, flights of stairs, sleep patterns and calories burned. It’s great and it really is motivating. I went for a walk this morning around the local high school track but it was blazing hot so I felt really tired after doing a mile (it was 94 degrees!). I find myself wanting to do the stairs or walk more though to see it all adding up on my dashboard. I now even run upstairs myself when I forget something in my bedroom instead of asking my daughter to do it! Ha! And the sleep function is amazing. It tells you how long it takes you to fall asleep and how well you slept by recording the number of times you were restless or woke up and when. Love it! Last night I slept 7 hours and 30 minutes which is the most I have slept in a row in quite a while and I wonder if it has to do with my new eating plan..?

Do you own a Fitbit or another type of fitness tracking device?


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