Yay Me, I Fasted!

Well I am here to say that I completed my first full, no-cheat fast day, per 5:2. For 5:2 intermittent fasting, women are allowed up to 500 calories two days of the week and the rest of the week you eat normally. I have done this before and maybe ate 600 calories, maybe 800, maybe more but today was a true fasting day and I tracked it all using my new Fitbit! (man, I love that thing! 🙂 ) I ate a hard-boiled egg and a nectarine for breakfast, a small handful of almonds and raisins for lunch and a hard-boiled egg for dinner. And I drank 64oz of water. That was only 330 calories yet s I type this at 9:36pm I am not the slightest bit hungry.

I got motivated to do this again by watching the documentary about it. There are so many reasons to do this from cellular regeneration to improving blood work to losing weight to neurological benefits. I’ll take any one of those but by severely restricting your calorie intake twice a week you benefit from them all. Woot! Now don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t easy. But it’s wonderful to know that I can do it and I can eat whatever I want tomorrow. Have you ever tried intermittent fasting?


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