Okay, Make that 167!

OMG. Seriously, who gains 17 pounds in two months?! What am I, prepping for a movie role? No, I am not. I just have NO moderation. That is the bad news. The good news is I went to the doctor and I am basically healthy!!! Yes, I have massive joint pain and I am exhausted BUT it is not due to anything that she can pinpoint-like RA or something equally awful. That means, that it’s pretty freaking likely that I can get rid of this through diet and lifestyle changes (less stress, more exercise, more sleep, supplements, etc.)

I celebrated by going to Chipotle. And ordered chips and lemonade to go with my salad. Don’t ask me why. Wtf? I have been given a second lease on life basically and I am not showing how incredibly grateful I am!

But I am. I said a prayer of thanks and I know I can change this. Let me repeat that: I KNOW I CAN CHANGE THIS. I KNOW I CAN FEEL ENERGETIC AND PAINFREE. I KNOW THIS! I know this. I know this. I know this..


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