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Weight and Measurements

Weight 161

Bust 37″

Chest 33.5″

Waist 29.5″

Hips 47″ (!!!)

Stomach 36″

Thigh 28.5″

Calf 14″

Neck 12″

R forearm 9.5″

R bicep 12.5″

L forearm 9″

L bicep 12″

R knee 17″

L knee 17.5″


Making Progress

I am on my way to becoming the fiercest 50 year old out there! I have started fasting again.. hard but necessary. When I am eating I am much more mindful of what goes in my mouth. I have given up wheat, sugar and alcohol for Lent and am almost 100% compliant. Today I weighed in at 163 and will redo my measurements this weekend.Gym workouts start next week. I need to get into shape because I have planned a birthday weekend in Vegas and I plan to be there in my bikini!!

Wow, it’s March 6th

And I am nowhere near fierce. But, I have planned a vacation in June to celebrate my birthday so I am officially back on track! I did one fast this week and it was a bit of a challenge and never did the second one but I am ready mentally to get back to doing 2 a week. It’s Lent so I am already not doing sugar, wheat or alcohol. I am also eating less dairy (mainly cheese). I feel better but I don’t think the weight has budged, hence adding in 5:2. Last time I did it (last summer) I lost a lot of weight right away. In all I think it was 14 pounds in less than two months. It just fell of with 5:2 and it works well if I want to date, etc. so I am happy to be back on. It is basically a lifestyle choice as I learned when I went off it and subsequently gained back all I had lost and then some. But my birthday celebration is taking place June 27th so I have about 3.5 months to get it together! It can be done. It will be done. I can’t embarrass myself at the pool and I’m not going into 50 looking broke down. No! I will enter the next decade looking FIERCE!