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One day I looked I looked in the mirror and realized I had aged considerably in the past couple of years and I was starting to look like my mother (who is in her eighties!!!!)! I am still in my 40s but I have definitely started on a decline looks-wise. This does NOT have to be the case, though! I am going to spend the next two years getting myself together! What are the areas in which I need to improve?

1. Skin – I have melasma on my face, my skin is dry, I have spider veings on my legs, dark circles
2. Muscle tone – there is some definition but it’s mostly hidden by a layer of flab
3. Hair – it’s thinning, dry, greying and breaks easily
4. Diet – I eat too many processed foods, drink too much wine and consume too much sugar.
5. Sleep – I go to bed too late, I wake up in the night too often and I don’t wake up refreshed. I’m exhausted during the day.
6. Exercise – it’s not consistent
7. Stress – too high! I need to learn how to incorporate meditation and not sweat the small stuff
8. Water – need to a lot drink more

Can i change this by 50? I’ll be 48 in June 2013. We’ll see!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m sure that you can with enough willingness and dedication!



  2. You can do it! Cut out processed foods and sugar. The battle is already half way there because you are aware you need to make changes. If I can do it, so can you.


    • I have done that. Sugar was SO much easier than I expected it to be. I have been going strong since June 29th. Thanks for the encouragement!


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