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It’s Confirmed

…in my mind at least. Wheat does not agree with me. I have been wheat-free for over a week but last night I went out for Ethiopian food. In Ethiopia the injera (flat, spongy bread) is made from teff, not wheat and is gluten-free but here the injera is usually mixed with wheat flour. I knew this but I ate it anyway (the only wheat I’ve eaten since the challenge began). So what happened? Well, I was bloated all night and this morning when I looked in the mirror my eyes had dark rings under them and were swollen! It was crazy! I looked like I had been punched. I ended up googling it and it turns out that a sensitivity to gluten can cause dark under eye circles! Who knew? Well now I do!

October Unprocessed

Okay, I signed up for another challenge to see if I can make it for a sustained period of time with a support network. It’s called October Unprocessed. Check out Andrew Wilder’s blog, Eating Rules, which explains it all (click on his logo), but in a nutshell for the month of October you don’t eat anything that someone with reasonable skill couldn’t replicate in their kitchen. He says you can do this for every meal for the entire month or just dinners or just weekdays–basically whatever works best for you. My plan is to completely eliminate wheat and maybe dairy and sugar. I’m not going to do “unprocessed” per se as I think it’s better for me to eat the frozen veggie burger than a loaf of homemade bread. Plus, to be honest, I have way too much going on right now to cook every meal from scratch. Better for me to just eliminate something(s). I was going to start after the hamburger buns and bread and pasta were eaten, but you know what? That is just an excuse to delay it even further. No! I am starting tomorrow. Goal is to eat NO WHEAT for October. I’m pretty convinced it is at the root of my problems (well, that and sugar) but it is one I am pretty confident I can stick to (so much easier than raw!) and I can eliminate something else once I am able to conquer this hurdle. I hope to see the rash under my chin and on my left thigh go away, eliminate post-meal bloating and regain some energy.

Won’t  you join me in the challenge? It’s not too late to sign up!

October Unprocessed 2013

Rough Adjustment!

Okay, quick rant: I have been extremely disappointed by food In the States. Since we STILL do not have our overseas shipment (6 weeks+ late) we have been eating out a lot. I have left restaurants multiple times with a stomach ache. Seriously, like 75% of the time! Ethiopian, BBQ, Mexican, Thai, American.. It’s crazy And really surprising. I think most of them probably  use oils we haven’t eaten for almost two years: canola oil, vegetable oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, etc. For two years we have only been eating olive and coconut oils about 90% of the time so it could be that but it’s not necessarily that. We’ve been eating almost 100% organic and a mostly food cooked at home. And we rarely had stomach disturbances so being home and having issues is annoying and quite surprising! Just not used to it! (When I eat raw though it’s always organic and I’m not sick, bloated, gassy or lethargic at all.)

Anyhoo!! I look forward to posting more soon. I got conjunctivitis and due to my allergic reactions to something in this apartment we were able to get out of our lease. We are moving tomorrow. This weekend we will be out of town and then we start school and work next week. When we get settled and back into our routine, I will get back in the kitchen preparing home-cooked foods, doing regular juicing , exercise and updates on how fierce I am becoming! I need to update you on my (less) dry feet, new hair color, kitchen and more so please hang in there! Thanks!

Fresh Basil Plant

I bought an organic basil plant from the grocery store. This thing is awesome! I just pick off the leaves to add to my salad dressing and a few days later more are there in its place! I don’t know why I am so amazed. 🙂  I guess I just love that I am saving money. As soon as we are in a house I plan on planting a large garden.

IMG_0946On another note, I am almost back to normal. My voice is back but I think I have pink eye! Will go to the doctor tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wrote my apartment complex and explained I think the rug is giving me an allergic reaction. The property  manager is supposed to get back to me tomorrow. I don’t want to move out but I am not sure what other options there are. I asked them if we could remove the carpeting and was told no. I asked to move to a unit with hardwood floors and they say there aren’t any but I know for a fact that underneath my wall to wall carpeting are hardwood floors so maybe they will make an exception. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Down for the Count

I’ve been away from blogging for a while because I am really sick!  Hell, I don’t know if it’s dust or dairy or stress but I feel like crap! Woke up in the middle of the night coughing, can’t sleep, sore throat, post nasal drip.. just plain run down. I haven’t eaten terribly but no energy to do much prepping and planning. Can’t wait to get well and get back on track. In preparation I have bought a food processor (for chopping nuts and dates, etc.) and a new salad spinner and exchanged my juicer because that darn thing did not like kale or celery and those are necessary components of my morning juices and smoothies. I am also excited to start working out again. Still waiting for my shipment from overseas but inside are my yoga and kettle bell tapes that I have never used but plan to when they arrive. The mindset is ready, now I just need the rest of the factors to fall into place!

Dust Allergy!

I’m losing my voice. I don’t know what is going on with me! I used to lose my voice about once a year when I lived in the States but it didn’t happen one time abroad. I had forgotten that this used to happen until it just happened to me this week.

…update: I started this post a couple of days ago and I have been dealing with coughing, sore throat and,  as I type this at 3:32am, being up at night with post nasal drip. Though dairy surely isn’t helping, I actually don’t think that is the cause of my coughing. I think it’s the rug in my new apartment! I haven’t had wall to wall carpeting in two years and now that I have it again I have the problem with coughing and clearing my throat incessantly again. I’m sure this is the cause! I didn’t think it would be an issue but I do have a diagnosed dust allergy and I am sure the rug is the culprit.

Problem now is how to convince my landlord to allow me to switch apartments. I don’t know if this will be a tough sell bit I need a unit with hardwood floors!