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Avoiding Gluten

So most of October I avoided wheat. What did I notice? I wasn’t bloated after a meal. And, this is clearly too much information but I will share it anyway– I got constipated. I still didn’t think I was gluten intolerant though. I mean, really, how many people really need to avoid it altogether? Thing is I have other annoying problems that I am trying to get rid of like fatigue, inflammation, my lingering chin rash and hip pain and I do wonder if going off gluten entirely might change those. And then I came across this article and it hit me like a ton of bricks. These issues really may stem from gluten after all.

The article states ten symptoms of gluten intolerance including bloating, constipation, Keratosis pilaris fatigue, a diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis (yup, I’ve got that!), chronic fatigue, pain, inflammation, swelling or pain in your joints such as fingers, knees or hips.

Wow. Really, wow.

So I am back off gluten. And the sugar binges caused almost instantaneous crashes afterwards. I ate some Halloween candy and within an hour was in a heap on the sofa. It was awful. So bye-bye refined sugar again as well.


October Unprocessed

Okay, I signed up for another challenge to see if I can make it for a sustained period of time with a support network. It’s called October Unprocessed. Check out Andrew Wilder’s blog, Eating Rules, which explains it all (click on his logo), but in a nutshell for the month of October you don’t eat anything that someone with reasonable skill couldn’t replicate in their kitchen. He says you can do this for every meal for the entire month or just dinners or just weekdays–basically whatever works best for you. My plan is to completely eliminate wheat and maybe dairy and sugar. I’m not going to do “unprocessed” per se as I think it’s better for me to eat the frozen veggie burger than a loaf of homemade bread. Plus, to be honest, I have way too much going on right now to cook every meal from scratch. Better for me to just eliminate something(s). I was going to start after the hamburger buns and bread and pasta were eaten, but you know what? That is just an excuse to delay it even further. No! I am starting tomorrow. Goal is to eat NO WHEAT for October. I’m pretty convinced it is at the root of my problems (well, that and sugar) but it is one I am pretty confident I can stick to (so much easier than raw!) and I can eliminate something else once I am able to conquer this hurdle. I hope to see the rash under my chin and on my left thigh go away, eliminate post-meal bloating and regain some energy.

Won’t  you join me in the challenge? It’s not too late to sign up!

October Unprocessed 2013

Not Attractive!

Okay, this is a warning for the squeamish. Do not read further if you are disgusted or appalled by bodies that are less than perfect. Here’s the deal: I was lying on the couch feeling fat, full and bloated when I looked down at my stomach and I was really horrified.  It is truly disgusting and I’m only posting a photo because one day I know I will be posting an “after”.  But there is more than just a grossly fat stomach at play here. I have major joint pain; I can barely walk across the floor sometimes. I am exhausted – exhausted in as in falling into a coma mid-afternoon unable to do anything productive or fun. No. energy. at. all. This is no way to live! And I can’t take it so tomorrow I am trying again. Giving up wheat because I am convinced that the joint pain is an auto immune response and sugar because it is just plain bad for you and there is no reason to eat it. Period. End of story. No more excuses!

So here goes… Feast your eyes on this. Sorry. Yuck. Maybe public embarrassment will be motivating?


(and what in the hell is that little piece on my right side?! Ew!)

So, tomorrow I am starting AGAIN! Eating clean and drinking tons of water. Really hope I can sustain it this time..