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Food Pics

I have been pretty focused. I am proud of myself. So far, so good. Here is what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: watermelon/romaine juicephoto-74



Lunch: eggs scrambled in ghee with sea salt, bacon, mashed yams with ghee, nutmeg and a touch of raw honey, salsa


Dinner: avocado, more mashed yams and a beef dish I made up (grass-fed ground beef, onions, cumin, garlic, pepper, olives, raisins, cumin, tumeric, cinnamon)


I snacked on nuts, raisins and an apple and drank 64oz. of water.

I admit I haven’t been 100% Whole 30; kind of a mixture of Whole 30 and Primal and oops I slipped up and ate pinto beans, but healthy nonetheless. I’m feeling much less bloated and have nary a craving.

I Did It

Yep! I went to the gym. I planned on going to the 9:45 Zumba class but when I got there I learned that it had been cancelled. Not wanting to leave without doing something I asked if I could get the free assessment they offer to new members. Turns out the “assessment” was actually a personal training session with weigh-in, body fat analysis and BMI. I was hoping for measurements instead of the personal training hard sell but it was cool. We worked out for an hour and let me tell you, it was hard work! I am so out of shape. The good news is it won’t take much to see a vast improvement. Here are my miserable numbers:

Weight: 158
BMI: 25
Percentage of body fat: 36%

Awful. Really awful. Like off the charts awful. A BMI of 25 for my height is considered overweight and he showed me on the chart that someone in the 36% body fat range is considered to be in “extremely poor” shape. Wow. It was very useful information though; I left the gym and bought some more produce to juice and salad fixings. I plan to eat salads for many, many meals. I love them and they can be super healthy so it’s all good. I’m feeling pretty confident that starting today things are going to start to improve.

Ok, So I Didn’t Work Out But..

I got a little, teensy weensy bit closer to doing so! I actually put on gym clothes this morning – but then things got busy.

I woke up and it was snowing! What is up with that? It’s March, people! Anyway, after cleaning off my car I dropped my daughter off at spring break camp ar0und 9:00. Then I drove to my ophthalmologist appointment. My vision has changed a bit but the more worrisome piece of information was he said my blood vessels looked curvy and asked me if I had high blood pressure. I didn’t think so but if your eye exam indicates you might I’ll just assume that I do. That means less salt, more exercise, reduce stress, healthier foods and less caffeine. As if I wasn’t already trying to do these for the past year .. but there’s nothing like the looming threat of heart attack or stoke to make you more motivated.

After the eye exam I had and appointment with a psychologist to go over my daughter’s testing. It was very helpful to hear what she had to say, even if it was a 2.5 hour consult  at $250.oo/hr. Ouch! Yeah, that hurt but I am working on reducing stress so (amazingly) I didn’t freak out about it. And I didn’t scarf down a pint of ice cream after leaving her office! Yay me. So, though I didn’t get to the gym (these two appointments with travel time took almost six hours) it could have been a lot worse.

Here’s what we had for dinner:photo-20

– homemade black bean and pumpkin soup
– sweet potatoes baked with honey, coconut oil and pumpkin pie spice (she put hers on her salad)
– romaine with vinaigrette, additional olive oil and avocado
– nitrate-free chicken apple sausage
(and she also had an organic pear and some water–see the core on the left?)

What did you eat for dinner? Am I the only one who tries to prepare homemade meals instead of relying heavily on processed foods?

Been Cooking Up a Storm!

For someone who used to not enjoy cooking AT ALL, and we are talking as recently as a few years ago, I have come a LONG way. I started cooking a few years ago when I cut back on processed foods and then I moved overseas. Let’s just say that having a live-in cook for two years really spoiled me! When I returned neither my daughter nor I enjoyed much of the processed foods so readily available (sadly our tastes are starting to re-acclimate to the processed American way) so it was on me to do the cooking.

Yeah, that sucks.

Cooking takes TIME which I have none of but I make it a priority because I don’t want to eat junk and I surely don’t want my daughter eating it! Sure, we slip up from time to time and end up in the McDonald’s drive thru line ordering some french fries but not often. Here are a few things I have whipped up in the past few weeks:

1. This is a soup/stew I created off the top of my head. I know, it doesn’t look too appetizing but don’t let fool you. It has ground beef, chick peas, onions, carrots, acorn squash and a broth base. I also threw in some cinnamon and raisins cause I felt they needed them. I threw everything except the raisins in the crock after browning the beef first and cooked it for 6 hours or so. I didn’t follow a recipe; I was just trying to use up some of the produce in my house (I always, always buy too much) but it turned out really good!


2. This is another soup I made up. I looked online for a coconut cream kale soup and referred to three different recipes when coming up with this one. Turns out I had cooked some Swiss chard I was trying to use up but it was fine. I browned some onions in oil and spices and then added them to a pot with coconut cream, broth, the swiss chard and some broccoli. Cooked it up and used an immersion blender to mix it up. Yummy! I used to be so in awe of my mom when she could whip up a delicious soup from ingredients around the kitchen. Turns out it’s not that hard.

IMG_2526 IMG_2535


3. These were interesting! I made some gluten-free brownies with black beans. I was AMAZED that  you could substitute black beans for flour but let me tell you, you can! I was so impressed with how they turned out. Yummy!



4. Cranberry sauce. Again, had some cranberries on their last legs so I whipped this up with some cane sugar and cinnamon. Still a bit tart but I am looking forward to eating it with a chicken I am going to make later in the week.

IMG_2510That’s all for now.

What have you been cooking lately?

OMG My Face!

I woke up yesterday morning and my face looked puffy. I hadn’t sleep very well so I figured that was it. I also over indulged and felt bloated. My mom’s 86th birthday was yesterday and we went out for dinner to a Japanese hibachi grill and had cake and ice cream afterwards. I had wheat noodles and unknown oils and non-organic vegetables and beef that was probably not grass-fed. The cake and ice cream were store-bought and filled with sugar, artificial favors and colors. Your typical American meal, tasty but so bad for you (well, me). I ate and ate and ate, crammed in as much as possible and then ate some more so when I looked puffy I wasn’t particularly surprised. What shocked me though was my skin! I was applying lotion to my face and I could feel fine bumps all over my skin! Something had made me break out. What in the world am I doing to myself?? I know I’m sensitive to certain foods yet I continue to eat them? Makes. No. Sense.

I am beyond frustrated and annoyed with myself. I havent eaten anything yet today. I’m not sure what to eat. I know I need to go on a fast to rid myself of all these toxins but I don’t want to! I want to prepare some black-eyed peas for New Year’s Day; I want to bake sugar cookies with my five-year-old… that’s what I want to do. Waah! Poor me. Whine, whine, whine… I need to get over it, I know. And I can bake cookies with her without eating any! I know this too. Why is food-well eating really-such a fun, social activity? If I lived in a remote village somewhere I wouldn’t have options and would simply be grateful for a piece of meat to go with my veggie and starch. Decorated Christmas cookies?? Am I really complaining that I can’t eat Christmas cookies? Yes I am and I need to stop.

Good News and Bad News

Okay, bad news first. I ate a Luna bar. I had some intense sugar cravings and I was about to get a teaspoon of maple syrup but that seemed crazy to me so I ate a Luna bar out of my freezer instead. They have evaporated cane juice which is not allowed. Sigh. It hit the spot though, not going to lie.

Good news though is I went to the gym! I have a trial membership til the end of the month. I was hoping there would be a class but unfortunately there was not so I just hopped on the treadmill. It was dreadfully boring (need to bring my iPod next time to plug into the TV) but I stayed until I did 2 miles. It took me 35 minutes but I brought up my heart rate and broke a small sweat. Hey, it was something! I came home and ate some cabbage I had prepared earlier and a glass of red wine and finished it off with the aforementioned Luna bar and then slept for nine hours!
This is the recipe I used for the cabbage. It was delish! I got it from but modified it. First I sautéed three onions, thinly sliced, in some coconut oil and butter. Then I added about 1cup of baby carrots which I cut in half lengthwise. When they started getting soft I added 3 packages of shredded cabbage and threw in about a teaspoon each of cumin, turmeric, minced garlic and Berbere powder, and then threw in some salt, fresh shredded ginger and cayenne pepper to taste. I cooked the whole dish about 20 minutes and then tried it. It was waaaaay too spicy, probably because I didn’t add the potatoes it called for (didn’t have any but also didn’t want any) but I think potatoes soak up spices. I was trying to get my kitchen to smell like an Ethiopian restaurant. Do you know that distinct smell I am talking about? I thought using authentic Berbere powder straight from Addis Ababa would do the trick but it didn’t work; all I had was super spicy food that we couldn’t eat so I cut up another 2 cups of baby carrots lengthwise, sautéed them in a separate pot with butter, coconut oil and honey and then stirred them in. Much better! I’m looking forward to eating it today for lunch once the favors have all melded. Tasty and healthy– well I thought so, but even when served with injera my daughter hated it. Oh well, more for me!


Last night I doctored up some spaghetti sauce with kale, onions and grass-fed beef and ate it with rice noodles and grated cheddar.image

I just prepared a delicious dinner for tonight:  beef sliders with cinnamon and cumin sautéed with onions and mushrooms; romaine with balsamic dressing; homemade applesauce and red wine. imageWhat’s on your plate?