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Super Dry Skin

I have always had dry skin. It seemed to get better when we lived in the tropics; though still dry it wasn’t as dry. But when we returned to the US last month it suddenly got WAY worse and it’s summertime! I knew I had to get it under control immediately or it was going to be a painful mess come winter. It had started cracking and bleeding. Not sure why but something about the change in weather I suppose (though it’s been hot and humid here, too).

Let me share some disgusting photos of my dry feet.
IMG_0585 IMG_0586  IMG_0590 IMG_0591IMG_0589

Gross, I know. So I have tried for years to put on Vaseline or oil and sleep in socks but it just didn’t work for me. When we lived abroad I could just get weekly pedicures and that got it under control. Now back home I can’t afford that option so I was looking for another solution when I came across this gem of a tip: Put oil on them and socks but then wrap them in plastic bags and secure them while you are sleeping.

I have done this for the last three nights using coconut oil and I have seen a marked improvement already! I plan to keep this up along with drinking tons more water to keep my skin hydrated and I fully expect them to heal. Don’t have any after photos just yet but I will post them when they are completely healed.

(I don’t know why I keep posting my awful before photos without the great after photos to go along with them. I guess I’m trying to motivate myself to really be fierce by fifty.. or maybe I just enjoy being embarrassed..?)

Do you have any tips for dealing with dry, cracking heels that will speed up the process for me? Please share!