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Yummy Breakfast

So not Whole-30 compliant but healthy and delicious!

Homemade juice with cucumber, basil, watermelon and lime; Paleo chocolate pancakes; bacon with rosemary; homemade strawberry sauce

OMG! So, so good!!



Food Pics

I have been pretty focused. I am proud of myself. So far, so good. Here is what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: watermelon/romaine juicephoto-74



Lunch: eggs scrambled in ghee with sea salt, bacon, mashed yams with ghee, nutmeg and a touch of raw honey, salsa


Dinner: avocado, more mashed yams and a beef dish I made up (grass-fed ground beef, onions, cumin, garlic, pepper, olives, raisins, cumin, tumeric, cinnamon)


I snacked on nuts, raisins and an apple and drank 64oz. of water.

I admit I haven’t been 100% Whole 30; kind of a mixture of Whole 30 and Primal and oops I slipped up and ate pinto beans, but healthy nonetheless. I’m feeling much less bloated and have nary a craving.

One Week Til Easter

So for Lent I said I was giving up Facebook, sugar and alcohol. Never in my life (in my recollection) have I ever broken my Lenten promise and I am very disappointed in myself. Yes, I am under inordinate stress but that’s not really an excuse. I have been on FB constantly, eaten a lot of sugar and had one glass of wine. Bad, bad, bad. šŸ˜¦

Well, today I got on the scale… I was shocked beyond belief. Truly. I have NEVER weighed so much in my entire life! 164.2. Granted Aunt Flo came (after eight months!) so I am sure that added to it but really, over 160? I was horrified.

So I bought a little pink tape measure and I will measure myself tomorrow and post some before pictures. I bought tons of produce and plan to eat clean until Easter!

So, this week: NO added sweeteners of any kind, no grains, no dairy, no nuts, no caffeine. It’s only six days til Easter. Totally doable.

I Did It

Yep! I went to the gym. I planned on going to the 9:45 Zumba class but when I got there I learned that it had been cancelled. Not wanting to leave without doing something I asked if I could get the free assessment they offer to new members. Turns out the “assessment” was actually a personal training session with weigh-in, body fat analysis and BMI. I was hoping for measurements instead of the personal training hard sell but it was cool. We worked out for an hour and let me tell you, it was hard work! I am so out of shape. The good news is it won’t take much to see a vast improvement. Here are my miserable numbers:

Weight: 158
BMI: 25
Percentage of body fat: 36%

Awful. Really awful. Like off the charts awful. A BMI of 25 for my height is considered overweight and he showed me on the chart that someone in the 36% body fat range is considered to be in “extremely poor” shape. Wow. It was very useful information though; I left the gym and bought some more produce to juice and salad fixings. I plan to eat salads for many, many meals. I love them and they can be super healthy so it’s all good. I’m feeling pretty confident that starting today things are going to start to improve.

I Stepped on the Scale This Morning

Since it’s Sunday I decided to weigh myself. I have only been juicing for two days but I decided Sundays will be the day I weigh myself this year and I will record it here. I stepped on the scale and was shocked! I reweighed myself five more times to be sure.


What in the world?! I really don’t get it but that’s what it said. I think I weight 156 last week! So, total weight lost is now 6.2 pounds! WOW WOW WOW

I am so freaking excited!!!

Making Progress

Day 2 (or Day 1) was a success! And I even went on a date and stuck to it. I was sooo impressed with myself and it fueled my motivation. He asked me to go to dinner and dancing and I declined dinner. At the bar I ordered a club soda with lime! Yay me. Today I made some bacon for my daughter and had a juice. Yay me! It’s getting so much easier. I had a wicked headache on Day 2 that lasted for hours. Not sure if it was some detoxing reaction but it was terrible. It is gone today though and I am excited!! Woo-hoo!

Always Some Excuse

So breakfast was juice and lunch was a smoothie. But the weather was cold and I was heating up lunch for my daughter.. and I broke down. I ate some cauliflower with cheddar and butter and some black-eyed peas with carrots that had been prepared using smoked turkey and chicken stock. Did I eat any grains? No. Anything processed? Not really. Anything with refined sugar? No. But I had animal products and beans which I said I wouldn’t have. Was I asleep by ten? Yes. Did I wake up early and do yoga? Yes. I am proud of what I accomplished but annoyed with myself for not sticking to my plan, especially as I look in the mirror and see my checks are still covered with hives or this rash or whatever this is.


It is winter. We got a ton of snow yesterday. I want warm food. In the movie Joe fasted when it was warm weather. So did the other guy they highlighted, Phil. I’m pretty sure it was warm when Daniel and JesusĀ  and Gandhi and other religious figures fasted. Who solely drinks cold juices when it’s 20 degrees outside? I’m sure people do it but gosh darn it if it doesn’t make it more difficult. Though, then again, some folks fast without any food or drink and do it when it’s 100 degrees outside. It’s done. It’s not comfortable. It’s not supposed to be easy or fun or comfortable. I think this really illuminates what kind of person I am. I want what I want when I want it. I gave in. I indulged myself. I didn’t persevere. I gave up.

I gave up.

It got too hard.

It wasn’t fair.

I did the yoga, I got some sleep. I avoided grains and sugar… so I justified eating the food. I did part of it.

But I didn’t do exactly what I set out to do.

Why not? Why was I okay with doing just a half-assed job? Or rather (because I was not okay with it) why did I give up? My skin/energy level/health are suffering! Isn’t that enough?

What is my deal?

I have no idea. This is interesting though. Depressing. Enlightening. Maddening. Infuriating! Sad.

On to Day 2. Or rather Day 1 again. Wish me luck.