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Hoilday Season Failure And Monthly Challenges

So,  yeah, ate everything in sight. No excuses; no reason other than being downright greedy. And of course I feel awful. So, here I am six months into this and I am basically no further than I was when I started! Other than the fact that I know that wheat is bad for me and losing 3 pounds, I am nowhere closer to being fierce than I was when I started this blog. Great. You know what else I realized? There are a whole lot of other areas where I am not fierce: I suck at cleaning and organizing; I am not a patient person/parent; I complain and gossip; I don’t work out or stretch; I am not as connected spiritually as I would like; my wardrobe needs help; I have creative endeavors that I ignore due to lack of time and energy. Man, I have a TON of work to do on myself.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I want to be fierce in all aspects. (Yeah, I know, no pressure. LOL. But seriously, if not now, when??) So here is what I am proposing for myself. Come up with 12 areas of my life that I need to change and concentrate on one each month. Ideally I would keep the prior month and add on the new month’s challenge. So, for example if in January I focused on no wheat, when February’s challenge started (no sugar, let’s say) then it would really be no wheat (from January) plus no sugar (from February). Then in March I would  have three things, etc. all the way to December 2014 when I would have 12 challenges I would be working on simultaneously.

This could be really difficult. But on the other hand it could be a lot more doable if all the things I need to change are tackled individually instead of all at once. I like my idea.. now to figure out what my 12 things will be. They could be super general like work out 5 days a week to very specific like do 50 crunches every day of the month.

Hmmm… 12 things…I’m just going to do a mini brain storming before I finish up this post. Here are some things that come to mind:

1. no wheat/no sugar/only drink water/no grains, etc.

2. stretch every morning for 15 minutes/work out 5x week

Wait. These are too specific. I need broad categories. Let me try again:

1. Food

2. Exercise

3. Hobbies (understand camera aperture, write a book)

4. Spirituality (pray daily, volunteer, etc.)

5. Personal Growth (learn how to corn row for example. Hey! Do you have a daughter? Trust me, this one is huge!)

6. Attitude (like no complaining)

7.  Education

8. Parenting

9.  Organization

10. ??? 11. ??? 12. ???

Are these good? What am I missing? I  need three more.

I really, really like this plan. The only thing I am concerned about is it might be too much and too many areas to concentrate on. Perhaps I should do this but still focus on health-related goals only. I honestly don’t know!

What do you think? Please weigh in!