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I’m Feeling Great!

Day 6 is here of eating clean and I am starting to feel much better. I am not bloated and I think my skin seems to be clearing up as well! I am happy to say that  it hasn’t been difficult either. I have had some cravings for salty snacks but surprisingly not sugar. I haven’t signed up for yoga yet and I’m not exercising much at all but I am drinking tons and tons of water. Though I’m trying hard to not weigh myself I did step on the scale this morning and was surprised to see that I have already lost four pounds! We leave for Mexico soon and at this rate I expect to have lost at least ten, maybe more. Yay! 🙂

Now that I feel like I am on a roll and will be able to continue eating well for the long haul, I am going to post my before pictures. Hey, I only get about 3 visitors to my blog a day so it’s not a big deal. I acknowledge that look really, really awful but by this time next summer I am going to be one hot mama so who cares?! Ok, here we go…


It’s a skirt suit so I am holding it back so you can see me legs in all their cellulite-covered glory. 😦


































Why is my right shoulder lower than my left? Okay, that’s an issue for another day. So there you have it; my before shots. I know I look terrible so you don’t need to tell me! But if you feel the need to comment on how horrific I look, go ahead. I can take it. I am excited finally be serious about this and I plan to post pictures of the progress that I make.

Happy 4th of July!


Making Progress

That week before Easter I was very, very good! I gave up sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy and caffeine. I felt so much better, was never bloated and all hip pain was non-existent! It was great. I lost 7 pounds, too!

Easter day I ate everything in sight and then threw up. (Clearly I have an eating disorder!)

Today, Easter Monday, I toned it down dramatically and plan to eat as cleanly as possible from here on out. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Now to incorporate exercise..!

Alrighty Then..

Yeah, that was a low moment. Rereading my last post is depressing. It’s all true, though today I don’t feel so down about my situation. I’m still huge and soon to be unemployed but I had a date last week and I have a date this week. Progress! And I just got my Visa bill in the mail and I honestly thought I owed around $12,000  (I pay online without looking at the bill) but it was only $3,064.40. Seriously, I had no idea. I was so excited I immediately logged on to the computer and paid an additional $1500 this month. OMG it’s nearly paid off; I am thrilled. So, I may not have a job come June but I also won’t have any consumer debt as my American Express already has a zero balance. Yeah!

Now the food thing is a different story. Well Lent has helped a lot! I am not eating sugar or red meat or drinking alcohol and that is definitely saving me calories. I am also on a fresh squeezed grapefruit kick which is filling and delicious as well as being low-calorie. I’m also fasting occasionally which is also helpful. I’m making very sloooooowww progress but it’s progress nonetheless.

Now if I can just get to the measurements and pictures..

Well Hello There!

Gosh, it has been awhile. Things have been crazy. Really crazy. Work has been awful and as a result I have eaten everything in sight. I have been too afraid to step on a scale but my pants are tight. REALLY tight. It’s terrible. They are so uncomfortable and I really am unhappy with things but luckily Lent is upon us and I have decided to utilize it to help me get more focused. It’s working! I have given up sugar and alcohol which means I am drinking more water and I am not snacking nearly as much! I haven’t been fasting much but I did fast on Ash Wednesday and, weirdly, I enjoy it. I like how it attunes my body to my hunger signals and when I finally do eat I enjoy healthy foods immensely.

In my next post I will share my measurements and weight (and maybe pictures) so we can see if there is any progress during these 40 days! Ack.

Always Some Excuse

So breakfast was juice and lunch was a smoothie. But the weather was cold and I was heating up lunch for my daughter.. and I broke down. I ate some cauliflower with cheddar and butter and some black-eyed peas with carrots that had been prepared using smoked turkey and chicken stock. Did I eat any grains? No. Anything processed? Not really. Anything with refined sugar? No. But I had animal products and beans which I said I wouldn’t have. Was I asleep by ten? Yes. Did I wake up early and do yoga? Yes. I am proud of what I accomplished but annoyed with myself for not sticking to my plan, especially as I look in the mirror and see my checks are still covered with hives or this rash or whatever this is.


It is winter. We got a ton of snow yesterday. I want warm food. In the movie Joe fasted when it was warm weather. So did the other guy they highlighted, Phil. I’m pretty sure it was warm when Daniel and Jesus  and Gandhi and other religious figures fasted. Who solely drinks cold juices when it’s 20 degrees outside? I’m sure people do it but gosh darn it if it doesn’t make it more difficult. Though, then again, some folks fast without any food or drink and do it when it’s 100 degrees outside. It’s done. It’s not comfortable. It’s not supposed to be easy or fun or comfortable. I think this really illuminates what kind of person I am. I want what I want when I want it. I gave in. I indulged myself. I didn’t persevere. I gave up.

I gave up.

It got too hard.

It wasn’t fair.

I did the yoga, I got some sleep. I avoided grains and sugar… so I justified eating the food. I did part of it.

But I didn’t do exactly what I set out to do.

Why not? Why was I okay with doing just a half-assed job? Or rather (because I was not okay with it) why did I give up? My skin/energy level/health are suffering! Isn’t that enough?

What is my deal?

I have no idea. This is interesting though. Depressing. Enlightening. Maddening. Infuriating! Sad.

On to Day 2. Or rather Day 1 again. Wish me luck.

Avoiding Gluten

So most of October I avoided wheat. What did I notice? I wasn’t bloated after a meal. And, this is clearly too much information but I will share it anyway– I got constipated. I still didn’t think I was gluten intolerant though. I mean, really, how many people really need to avoid it altogether? Thing is I have other annoying problems that I am trying to get rid of like fatigue, inflammation, my lingering chin rash and hip pain and I do wonder if going off gluten entirely might change those. And then I came across this article and it hit me like a ton of bricks. These issues really may stem from gluten after all.

The article states ten symptoms of gluten intolerance including bloating, constipation, Keratosis pilaris fatigue, a diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis (yup, I’ve got that!), chronic fatigue, pain, inflammation, swelling or pain in your joints such as fingers, knees or hips.

Wow. Really, wow.

So I am back off gluten. And the sugar binges caused almost instantaneous crashes afterwards. I ate some Halloween candy and within an hour was in a heap on the sofa. It was awful. So bye-bye refined sugar again as well.

October is Over

IMG_1674I challenged myself to give up refined white sugar and wheat for the month of October. It went pretty well. I wasn’t anal about checking labels but I was nearly 100% with no wheat. Sugar I was decent but not as successful with giving it up completely. I didn’t feel terribly different but I didn’t feel bloated or disgusting like I often feel after I go hog-wild with a plate of cookies. Last night was Halloween and I admit I ate 8 pieces of my child’s candy for dinner. Big time fail. Today, November 1st, I had a sandwich and a cookie. They both tasted delicious but I swear my stomach is poking out more than it was all month. I plan to get back on track tomorrow. Despite not being 100% I do think it’s better for me personally to avoid those foods. And really what I need to do is do an elimination diet so I can pinpoint what I react the most to. Maybe in the new year… Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up after all.

Yeah, I got a whole arsenal of excuses, don’t I? LOL. Okay, to my credit I did join a gym! Yay for me! I look forward to meeting with a trainer tomorrow and starting to incorporate exercise into my routine.