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Hello Everyone!

It’s been awhile. In fact, it’s June 14th. Eight days til my birthday, or to put it more precisely, only one year and eight days left for me to become fierce!!!! Hmmm… I have an uphill battle, that’s for sure. I weigh more than I did when I started this blog a year ago. I eat more junk and overall look much worse.

Are you with me? I squandered a year. To be fair, it was a very stressful year. I was trying to get reacclimated to a life of cooking, cleaning and child care. Life without live-in help is rough. And my job didn’t help. It was very stressful and I looked to food for comfort and to relieve stress.

Buuut, fast forward a year and I have a new job! Yay! I start in August. I have great vibes about the place. And my daughter is #4 on the waiting list of an excellent charter school. I am very hopeful that she will be admitted. I think she will thrive there and I am so excited! Things are shaping up. Improving immensely.

So now that things are settling down and improving it is time to focus once again on health and becoming FIERCE! Look for more regular updates to come.


I Stepped on the Scale This Morning

Since it’s Sunday I decided to weigh myself. I have only been juicing for two days but I decided Sundays will be the day I weigh myself this year and I will record it here. I stepped on the scale and was shocked! I reweighed myself five more times to be sure.


What in the world?! I really don’t get it but that’s what it said. I think I weight 156 last week! So, total weight lost is now 6.2 pounds! WOW WOW WOW

I am so freaking excited!!!

General Update

Just popping in to say that I have lost weight and I am sleeping better. Not a lot of weight, no change in joint pain, energy level or anything else but it’s a start.

Starting Weight: 153

Current Weight: 152.4

Weight lost: .8  **updated:  oops! make that .6

For the record, it was more yesterday but last night I made some almond flour brownies and ate too many of them! Almonds and maple syrup should not be consumed in large quantities– for more reasons than one. I’m just sayin’.