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It’s Getting Easier

Okay, three things.

1. Trying to eat a balanced, healthy, no alcohol, sugar and gluten-free diet is not easy and it’s especially difficult during the holiday season! Duh! What was I thinking? But here’s the thing. I must have turned a corner or something because even though I haven’t been 100% or even 75% I have started to wrap my mind around the fact that it is something I have to do and I am consciously making better choices and without so much frustration and anger. Yep, that’s me–angry that I can’t buy cookies and pizza whenever I want. 🙂 So, if I am dying for the peppermint mocha I just ask for fewer shots (less sugar) and skip the pastry or sugar cookies that I would normally want to go with it. Am I sugar and gluten-free now? Not by a long shot but I am doing better!! And here’s a life saver: Gutinos! Have you tried them? They are the gluten-free version of Oreos. Too sweet so you can’t overindulge and taste almost the same. Yes, I’m trying to go with just meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds but in the meantime I will eat my gluten-free junk food as I work on my transition! Here’s the thing though. I shouldn’t be eating grains, sugar, alcohol or processed foods. My child shouldn’t be eating sugar, dairy, processed foods and she doesn’t like beef, processed meat and most vegetables. I am at a loss as to what to serve us! It’s difficult!

2. I am still dealing with chronic hip pain. No, I am still not working out but I recently learned I am very deficient in Vitamin D and have started taking supplements. Turns out that Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to chronic pain! I am curious to see if taking supplements helps me at all.

3. I whine and complain too much and this blog is dreadful. Going to only post positive changes from now on!

You’re welcome.