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Weigh In and Measurements

Well, I am here to say I have LOST WEIGHT AND INCHES!!

Here are the results as of this morning:

Weight: 150!!!!  I am so stoked! I almost never use that word but for some reason it seems appropriate!! So, so excited. That means I have lost 14 pounds!!

Bust:  35.5″ (lost 1.5 inches)
Waist:  29″ (lost 1 inch)
Stomach 33.5″ (it was 30″ when I started so clearly I didn’t measure it properly the first time)
Right arm:  11.25 (lost .5″)
Left arm:  11.25 (lost .5″)
Neck: 12.5″ (didn’t measure it before)
Right calf: 13.75″ (didn’t measure calves before)
Left calf: 13.75
Right thigh: 28″ (didn’t measure thighs before?!)
Left thigh: 28″
Hips: 45″ (lost 2.5 inches!!!!!!!!!!)

So, total inches lost is 6 inches! Wow,  14 pounds and 6 inches?! Really! I am so proud of myself and totally motivated to keep on going.


I Have No Sugar Cravings

Now I must admit I did not see this coming. I love sugar/maple syrup/raw honey/fruit/desserts/juices, heck, sweets in general and I used to eat massive quantities of sugar each day. I used to have an enormous sweet tooth but I am here to say that it is gone! Though I still crave an occasional cookie, it’s not an overwhelming/ gotta have it NOW kind of craving and it passes if I don’t satisfy it and I can go on with my day. This is really, really odd and I have no explanation other than maybe I am eating cleaner and all foods are tasting better so sweets are no longer needed. No clue.

The other weird observation that has totally blown me away is that I have a much smaller appetite. Sometimes I can skip breakfast and lunch and so as to not screw up  my metabolism I have to force myself to eat dinner. It is the strangest thing! I haven’t been really hungry in days! So odd!

I have officially lost TEN POUNDS and I am thrilled. I look a lot better but I am going to keep it going until I get under 150. Right now I weight about 154.6 but to see the scale at 149.something will be SO AWESOME! I can’t wait! The other thing I am going to start to do is lift weights. I never did get into Bikram yoga and unfortunately after this week vacation will be almost done. Without child care at yoga studios I won’t be able to try it out. Someone should really open a studio with childcare. I’d be all over that but in the meantime I will continue to focus on my walking and doing stairs and squats. What I am doing is working so I plan to continue!

I’ve Lost Weight!

Weighed myself this morning and I am down to 156.2!!!  Yay!! So happy with myself! Let’s keep this going!

I’m Feeling Great!

Day 6 is here of eating clean and I am starting to feel much better. I am not bloated and I think my skin seems to be clearing up as well! I am happy to say that  it hasn’t been difficult either. I have had some cravings for salty snacks but surprisingly not sugar. I haven’t signed up for yoga yet and I’m not exercising much at all but I am drinking tons and tons of water. Though I’m trying hard to not weigh myself I did step on the scale this morning and was surprised to see that I have already lost four pounds! We leave for Mexico soon and at this rate I expect to have lost at least ten, maybe more. Yay! 🙂

Now that I feel like I am on a roll and will be able to continue eating well for the long haul, I am going to post my before pictures. Hey, I only get about 3 visitors to my blog a day so it’s not a big deal. I acknowledge that look really, really awful but by this time next summer I am going to be one hot mama so who cares?! Ok, here we go…


It’s a skirt suit so I am holding it back so you can see me legs in all their cellulite-covered glory. 😦


































Why is my right shoulder lower than my left? Okay, that’s an issue for another day. So there you have it; my before shots. I know I look terrible so you don’t need to tell me! But if you feel the need to comment on how horrific I look, go ahead. I can take it. I am excited finally be serious about this and I plan to post pictures of the progress that I make.

Happy 4th of July!

Making Progress

That week before Easter I was very, very good! I gave up sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy and caffeine. I felt so much better, was never bloated and all hip pain was non-existent! It was great. I lost 7 pounds, too!

Easter day I ate everything in sight and then threw up. (Clearly I have an eating disorder!)

Today, Easter Monday, I toned it down dramatically and plan to eat as cleanly as possible from here on out. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Now to incorporate exercise..!

I Stepped on the Scale This Morning

Since it’s Sunday I decided to weigh myself. I have only been juicing for two days but I decided Sundays will be the day I weigh myself this year and I will record it here. I stepped on the scale and was shocked! I reweighed myself five more times to be sure.


What in the world?! I really don’t get it but that’s what it said. I think I weight 156 last week! So, total weight lost is now 6.2 pounds! WOW WOW WOW

I am so freaking excited!!!

Coming Along

Well, I have been gluten-free for a couple of weeks now and it’s getting much easier. I have  found some wonderful substitutes and I really don’t miss it at all. I have passed up pizza and spaghetti and cookies and cake and it hasn’t been bad at all! I haven’t been eating as healthfully as I hope to but it’s a process. And the side benefit? I have lost weight! I started out at 156 and without even trying I am down to 153! Woot! Imagine if  I actually tried–and worked out! That’s the next goal.