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Always Some Excuse

So breakfast was juice and lunch was a smoothie. But the weather was cold and I was heating up lunch for my daughter.. and I broke down. I ate some cauliflower with cheddar and butter and some black-eyed peas with carrots that had been prepared using smoked turkey and chicken stock. Did I eat any grains? No. Anything processed? Not really. Anything with refined sugar? No. But I had animal products and beans which I said I wouldn’t have. Was I asleep by ten? Yes. Did I wake up early and do yoga? Yes. I am proud of what I accomplished but annoyed with myself for not sticking to my plan, especially as I look in the mirror and see my checks are still covered with hives or this rash or whatever this is.


It is winter. We got a ton of snow yesterday. I want warm food. In the movie Joe fasted when it was warm weather. So did the other guy they highlighted, Phil. I’m pretty sure it was warm when Daniel and Jesus  and Gandhi and other religious figures fasted. Who solely drinks cold juices when it’s 20 degrees outside? I’m sure people do it but gosh darn it if it doesn’t make it more difficult. Though, then again, some folks fast without any food or drink and do it when it’s 100 degrees outside. It’s done. It’s not comfortable. It’s not supposed to be easy or fun or comfortable. I think this really illuminates what kind of person I am. I want what I want when I want it. I gave in. I indulged myself. I didn’t persevere. I gave up.

I gave up.

It got too hard.

It wasn’t fair.

I did the yoga, I got some sleep. I avoided grains and sugar… so I justified eating the food. I did part of it.

But I didn’t do exactly what I set out to do.

Why not? Why was I okay with doing just a half-assed job? Or rather (because I was not okay with it) why did I give up? My skin/energy level/health are suffering! Isn’t that enough?

What is my deal?

I have no idea. This is interesting though. Depressing. Enlightening. Maddening. Infuriating! Sad.

On to Day 2. Or rather Day 1 again. Wish me luck.


As if I Didn’t Know

Tis the season for holiday treats. At work my co-worker offered me some cookies. I tried to refuse but I succumbed. Ate 3 (which is actually good for me!) but I kid you not–within hours I had an enormous zit on my face and that evening I was constipated!! Sorry, TMI but WOW! So, yeah. This is good news. I already thought I knew wheat wasn’t working for me, but now I know. Hard facts but good to know. Now to work on this zit! Why oh why did it pop up right before a first date?! At least he still complimented me on my beauty. In fact, he said I look younger than my pictures (we met online) and am even more beautiful. How nice was that? With a huge zit and all. lol

Now to tackle processed foods, carbs and sugar. I know that carbohydrates break down into sugar and all these food items lead to inflammation. I especially have to get away from the boxed foods!! Eating sugar from fruit and maple syrup is fine for now and carbs from fruit and potatoes and rice are fine for now– but I really need to go cold turkey on the packaged gluten-free cookies type “food” items. Yep, fake foods and refined sugars are next to get the ax. Took me six months to internalize that wheat products were no good for me and be conscious about not eating them. I hope it doesn’t take so long for the processed foods and sugars.

It’s Been a Minute

Or make that three weeks since I’ve posted. That is a damn shame. But you know what is more of a shame? That I have been eating non-stop junk and feel like crap. The pain in my hip is really, really bad and Thanksgiving was just a free for all and I am paying the price. Ugh, not fun. So  I have a new challenge for myself (AGAIN): no wheat/extremely limited grains and no sugar or alcohol til Christmas. Today was day 1 and it was okay. I created some pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin purée yogurt, oats, eggs and maple syrup. They were decent and extremely filling. Dinner was leftover baked fish, baked chicken, acorn squash with onions and cranberries and water. Need to up my water for sure. Oh wait, I almost forgot. I also had a huge juice at breakfast with kale, coconut water, beets, pineapple and apple. I saved the rest to start my day tomorrow. Plan on juicing a lot this month. I feel full and satisfied as I type this and not craving the chocolate chip cookies or the peppermint cocoa I bought yesterday from Trader Joe’s (hours before I decided to change my food intake). I may allow myself one evening to enjoy cocoa and cookies while we decorate our Christmas tree, I’m not going to lie –oh, and I may slip up when we make a gingerbread house, but the plan is to really be more conscious of what goes into my mouth. Maybe I can decorate the tree and make a gingerbread house without slipping up! Who knows? What I do know is that I am down to a year and a half to become fierce and at this rate it’s not going to happen!!

Dreaming of Pasta

Literally! Last night I dreamt that someone offered me a plate of pasta. This is ridiculous! I am thinking of wheat and my diet so much I am dreaming about it?!  Crazy.

Delicious Pancakes

I found a recipe for pancakes that doesn’t contain any flour, not even almond or coconut flour!  I don’t like coconut flour and almond flour is fattening so I was looking for an alternative. These were on the Eating Rules blog (the guy who conceived of the October Unprocessed challenge) and they were surprisingly delicious! My daughter LOVED them and suggested we eat them every day for breakfast. Hey, I might consider it because they were super quick and easy to prepare as well!


And I can see them being made and used as bread for sandwiches for a delicious gluten-free alternative!



Last night I doctored up some spaghetti sauce with kale, onions and grass-fed beef and ate it with rice noodles and grated cheddar.image

I just prepared a delicious dinner for tonight:  beef sliders with cinnamon and cumin sautéed with onions and mushrooms; romaine with balsamic dressing; homemade applesauce and red wine. imageWhat’s on your plate?

Gluten Free


In an effort to try and start my gluten-free lifestyle I bought some rice pasta. It was delicious! Ingredients? Organic brown rice and water! I am SO excited! I topped it with a creamy vodka tomato sauce I bought at the farmers market last Sunday. Great dinner! (Like my boots? It’s been raining cats and dogs here!)