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As if I Didn’t Know

Tis the season for holiday treats. At work my co-worker offered me some cookies. I tried to refuse but I succumbed. Ate 3 (which is actually good for me!) but I kid you not–within hours I had an enormous zit on my face and that evening I was constipated!! Sorry, TMI but WOW! So, yeah. This is good news. I already thought I knew wheat wasn’t working for me, but now I know. Hard facts but good to know. Now to work on this zit! Why oh why did it pop up right before a first date?! At least he still complimented me on my beauty. In fact, he said I look younger than my pictures (we met online) and am even more beautiful. How nice was that? With a huge zit and all. lol

Now to tackle processed foods, carbs and sugar. I know that carbohydrates break down into sugar and all these food items lead to inflammation. I especially have to get away from the boxed foods!! Eating sugar from fruit and maple syrup is fine for now and carbs from fruit and potatoes and rice are fine for now– but I really need to go cold turkey on the packaged gluten-free cookies type “food” items. Yep, fake foods and refined sugars are next to get the ax. Took me six months to internalize that wheat products were no good for me and be conscious about not eating them. I hope it doesn’t take so long for the processed foods and sugars.

Dreaming of Pasta

Literally! Last night I dreamt that someone offered me a plate of pasta. This is ridiculous! I am thinking of wheat and my diet so much I am dreaming about it?!  Crazy.

October is Over

IMG_1674I challenged myself to give up refined white sugar and wheat for the month of October. It went pretty well. I wasn’t anal about checking labels but I was nearly 100% with no wheat. Sugar I was decent but not as successful with giving it up completely. I didn’t feel terribly different but I didn’t feel bloated or disgusting like I often feel after I go hog-wild with a plate of cookies. Last night was Halloween and I admit I ate 8 pieces of my child’s candy for dinner. Big time fail. Today, November 1st, I had a sandwich and a cookie. They both tasted delicious but I swear my stomach is poking out more than it was all month. I plan to get back on track tomorrow. Despite not being 100% I do think it’s better for me personally to avoid those foods. And really what I need to do is do an elimination diet so I can pinpoint what I react the most to. Maybe in the new year… Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up after all.

Yeah, I got a whole arsenal of excuses, don’t I? LOL. Okay, to my credit I did join a gym! Yay for me! I look forward to meeting with a trainer tomorrow and starting to incorporate exercise into my routine.

Feeling Discouraged

I have been pretty good about not eating any wheat or sugar. Really good in my opinion, but I’m feeling discouraged because I haven’t seen any dramatic changes and it’s been three weeks into eating this way. I have been really hungry so that certainly factors in (large intake of calories) and I haven’t exercised at all–so okay, it shouldn’t be that surprising I suppose, but since I haven’t eaten a single cookie, not one sip of soda, no pizza, etc., well I just thought I would have lost some weight or noticed some amazing changes. Certainly part of the problem is I have been eating maple syrup and lots of chips. Those are fattening! Duh! So, okay no weight loss for that reason (and no exercise). And although I have been avoiding breads, pastries and pastas I haven’t been 100% gluten-free so that explains why I haven’t noticed any  earth shattering changes (if wheat is the cause). So what then has been the point? I am asking myself that. I weighed myself this morning and the scale read 152.8. I started October at 153. Woo hoo!! Almost one pound in three weeks! Yay. (Yeah, that sucked). So have there been any positive outcomes at all??? Yes, in fact there have! Here are five:

1.  I am rarely bloated after a meal and have rarely gotten a stomach ache from food. When we moved back to the States this summer (after living overseas for two years) I noticed that my stomach often hurt after eating in a restaurant. Well, now that I am preparing most of what I am eating I am not having stomach aches. I still don’t know what was causing the stomach aches but it’s nice to not be suffering.

2. I have made some amazing dishes! I have absolutely fallen in love with acorn squash (baked and then broiled with butter)and I have made some delicious wheat-free pancakes that my daughter also loves.

3. I feel good about knowing what is in my food and feeding homemade dishes to my child.

4. I realize how much sugar, baked goods and processed crap I used to eat and am astounded. I honestly didn’t realize how much I used to consume before this challenge (knowingly and unknowingly). Reading labels has been an excellent exercise.

5. This one is good!! The rash under my chin is almost gone! Here is the before picture from three weeks  ago:

image and here it is right now:imageI wish I knew what caused it in the first place but I am glad to see it has almost completely cleared up. This challenge has a week left. This week I am going to drink more water and start exercising. I visited a gym yesterday and they gave me a guest pass to use for the rest of the month. At the end of the month they are running a special and I can decide at that time if I want to join. Though I prefer hiking and playing tennis, I have done that zero times since being home. Zero. Makes me sad. What makes me sadder though is the weather is starting to get colder and if I don’t join a gym I likely won’t work out much for the next six months. Ain’t no way I’m going to be fierce by fifty without exercising! So, yeah, three weeks into October Unprocessed (also known as my sugar and wheat free challenge) and progress is slower than I had hoped and that’s discouraging. But I do see small glimmers of progress and it’s just enough to keep me motivated.

It’s Confirmed

…in my mind at least. Wheat does not agree with me. I have been wheat-free for over a week but last night I went out for Ethiopian food. In Ethiopia the injera (flat, spongy bread) is made from teff, not wheat and is gluten-free but here the injera is usually mixed with wheat flour. I knew this but I ate it anyway (the only wheat I’ve eaten since the challenge began). So what happened? Well, I was bloated all night and this morning when I looked in the mirror my eyes had dark rings under them and were swollen! It was crazy! I looked like I had been punched. I ended up googling it and it turns out that a sensitivity to gluten can cause dark under eye circles! Who knew? Well now I do!

Not Attractive!

Okay, this is a warning for the squeamish. Do not read further if you are disgusted or appalled by bodies that are less than perfect. Here’s the deal: I was lying on the couch feeling fat, full and bloated when I looked down at my stomach and I was really horrified.  It is truly disgusting and I’m only posting a photo because one day I know I will be posting an “after”.  But there is more than just a grossly fat stomach at play here. I have major joint pain; I can barely walk across the floor sometimes. I am exhausted – exhausted in as in falling into a coma mid-afternoon unable to do anything productive or fun. No. energy. at. all. This is no way to live! And I can’t take it so tomorrow I am trying again. Giving up wheat because I am convinced that the joint pain is an auto immune response and sugar because it is just plain bad for you and there is no reason to eat it. Period. End of story. No more excuses!

So here goes… Feast your eyes on this. Sorry. Yuck. Maybe public embarrassment will be motivating?


(and what in the hell is that little piece on my right side?! Ew!)

So, tomorrow I am starting AGAIN! Eating clean and drinking tons of water. Really hope I can sustain it this time..