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I Have No Sugar Cravings

Now I must admit I did not see this coming. I love sugar/maple syrup/raw honey/fruit/desserts/juices, heck, sweets in general and I used to eat massive quantities of sugar each day. I used to have an enormous sweet tooth but I am here to say that it is gone! Though I still crave an occasional cookie, it’s not an overwhelming/ gotta have it NOW kind of craving and it passes if I don’t satisfy it and I can go on with my day. This is really, really odd and I have no explanation other than maybe I am eating cleaner and all foods are tasting better so sweets are no longer needed. No clue.

The other weird observation that has totally blown me away is that I have a much smaller appetite. Sometimes I can skip breakfast and lunch and so as to not screw upĀ  my metabolism I have to force myself to eat dinner. It is the strangest thing! I haven’t been really hungry in days! So odd!

I have officially lost TEN POUNDS and I am thrilled. I look a lot better but I am going to keep it going until I get under 150. Right now I weight about 154.6 but to see the scale at 149.something will be SO AWESOME! I can’t wait! The other thing I am going to start to do is lift weights. I never did get into Bikram yoga and unfortunately after this week vacation will be almost done. Without child care at yoga studios I won’t be able to try it out. Someone should really open a studio with childcare. I’d be all over that but in the meantime I will continue to focus on my walking and doing stairs and squats. What I am doing is working so I plan to continue!


Fitbits and Bikram Yoga

My child told me this morning that I need to “lose fat and not eat so much fat so I can run fast and play tag and not be slow.” This is the second time this week that she has mentioned something about weight and energy level. “I don’t want you to run slow like a grandma. I want you to be fast like a cheetah!” I guess I do talk about it a lot and I don’t want her to have issues with food and eating so it’s time to get serious!

I ordered a Fitbit this morning. Have you ever used one?

I am also trying to psych myself up to get a month’s pass for Birkram Yoga. Have you ever tried Bikram? What do you think?