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Day Three..

Today is day three and from now on I will no longer be counting days but I just wanted to get myself focused that I am on a diet of sorts, keeping track of my new way of eating. It is only 2:45 so I have a lot of the day left but just checking in to say that I have booked a vacation to Mexico for August so I better get crackin’!! We leave in less than six weeks so I have about five weeks to get myself in bikini shape. That’s a scary thought after yesterday’s post (and quite a stretch) but one can dream. I must say it is much more motivating!! My goal is to lose at least ten pounds and a few inches. Wish me luck!!


Today was a good day overall! Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast – nectarine, started drinking my first 32 oz of water

Lunch – cherries, finished water, cheese stick

Dinner Рsaut̩ed some grass-fed beef and onions in coconut oil and cumin. Ate that with plain yogurt and a slice of havarti cheese. Also, a salad consisting of Romaine, almonds, raisins,, fresh chopped basil and balsamic dressing. Oh and an orange pepper (so good!). More cherries.

That’s it! I was very tired though. At some point during the day it hit me so hard that I lay down on a pile of folded laundry on a the love seat. I was crammed into the corner in a very uncomfortable position but I was too exhausted to either move the clothes or walk up the steps to my bed. I think I slept about 10min before I got a telephone call. It’s now almost 11pm and I find myself very, very tired again. I have no sheets on my bed but I don’t think I have the energy to put them on.. zzzzzzzzzz