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Ethiopian Food

We love Ethiopian food in our house and we were excited to eat this last night. My daughter who doesn’t like spicy food loves mesir wat! (well she is Ethiopian!)IMG_0826It tasted good but I am up this morning with a stomach ache and my fingers feel swollen. I also have a sore throat. What is going on? There wasn’t any gluten in it (injera is made with gluten-free teff flour) and it didn’t have any dairy either (though I did have leftover pizza for lunch!) so who knows? Guess I can’t really blame the Ethiopian food. Maybe I am just coming down with a cold. And the bad news? I am back up to 154. I guess pizza and ice cream will do that! Note to self: don’t spend googabs of money on organic produce if you are going to order pizza! It’s almost 3 weeks into the raw foods cleanse and I can officially say that I am back up to my exact same starting weight of 154 and I feel like crap–but of course that has nothing to do with the cleanse that I am not doing! The one thing that I have learned is that I prefer foods that I make myself and I feel great when I eat raw and vegan. Lessons learned as I move forward.

This morning I made a smoothie with blueberries, strawberries, banana, cucumbers and grapes. It was pretty good. Then we hit the farmer’s market and picked up some organic corn which I was thrilled about. I have been searching high and low for organic corn and haven’t been able to find it anywhere! Corn is one of the most genetically modified crops in the US. Ugh. I did find this app that sounds useful. Haven’t tried it though. We also picked up some cilantro, basil, tomatoes and orange peppers (all organic). I am looking forward to eating our delightful bounty today!



IMG_0631I had a great juicer when I lived overseas but not only is it stuck at customs right now but it is 220 or 240V so I can’t use it anyways so I researched juicers to find one I liked. I knew it was important to research because I tried juicing at my friend’s house when I first got back into town using her new juicer and it was terrible! It barely squeezed out any juice and it was a pain in the ass to clean! That is unacceptable! After a few hours I settled on an Omega juicer and I like it.

This is not a review so I won’t go into tons of details but I liked it because it was exactly the same as my old juicer so it was a snap to set up but it comes with a ten-year warranty. It didn’t like juicing celery stalks and got jammed but that was my fault because I forgot to cut the stalks up into small pieces.

The amount of juice that it squeezes out is AMAZING and the pulp is extremely dry.

I made a crazy juice. I made it up with the following ingredients: beets, celery, kale, apple, lemon, carrot, romaine, grapes, cucumber and plum. It was okay. I can’t wait for my shipment to arrive because I have an awesome juicing book that I bought in there that I am dying to try!IMG_0627 IMG_0628

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