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Yummy Breakfast

So not Whole-30 compliant but healthy and delicious!

Homemade juice with cucumber, basil, watermelon and lime; Paleo chocolate pancakes; bacon with rosemary; homemade strawberry sauce

OMG! So, so good!!




Delicious Pancakes

I found a recipe for pancakes that doesn’t contain any flour, not even almond or coconut flour!  I don’t like coconut flour and almond flour is fattening so I was looking for an alternative. These were on the Eating Rules blog (the guy who conceived of the October Unprocessed challenge) and they were surprisingly delicious! My daughter LOVED them and suggested we eat them every day for breakfast. Hey, I might consider it because they were super quick and easy to prepare as well!


And I can see them being made and used as bread for sandwiches for a delicious gluten-free alternative!