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Finally! 10,000 Steps!

Well it only took two weeks but yesterday, for the first time, I was able to do 10,000 steps. Wow, that is no joke! Without thinking about it I tend to do closer to 5,000 so for me to do 10,000 I really have to put in a concerted effort. How was I able to do this? Well, for one I took a walk! I walked around the neighborhood for thirty minutes so that was a start. But I realized that I still had a pretty big chunk to do so I walked during activities when I normally wouldn’t like cooking, folding laundry and talking on the phone! Well, that did it! The good thing is it means I have to keep moving; take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away, walk upstairs if I forgot something instead of asking my daughter to do it, etc. It all adds up and now I know what I have to do. I also fasted yesterday (well I ate 600 calories) so it’s all back on track!


Damn BBQ

I went to a family barbecue on Saturday and ate some cookies and spinach dip and tortilla chips and a few bites of hot dog and some goldfish crackers. Nothing was really that good, except the cookies. Man, I love those Trader Joe’s dipper cookies. I could eat those every day. Anyways, I ate a regular-sized portion of food but when I woke up I felt hung over! It was the strangest thing.  I had a stomach ache, head ache and other issues that are way too TMI for this blog but it was bad. Then on Sunday I went out for Thai food and ate some rice. This morning I felt so full and bloated and disgusting but today is a fast day so that should help. Back on track and not feeling deprived.

On another note, do you know how impossible it is (for me) to walk 10,000 steps? I haven’t been able to do it since buying my Fitbit a couple of weeks ago. The thing I love about it is it does encourage me to be more active. I will park farther away from entrances and take the stairs instead of the elevators. It all adds up so that’s encouraging.