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Well Hello There!

Gosh, it has been awhile. Things have been crazy. Really crazy. Work has been awful and as a result I have eaten everything in sight. I have been too afraid to step on a scale but my pants are tight. REALLY tight. It’s terrible. They are so uncomfortable and I really am unhappy with things but luckily Lent is upon us and I have decided to utilize it to help me get more focused. It’s working! I have given up sugar and alcohol which means I am drinking more water and I am not snacking nearly as much! I haven’t been fasting much but I did fast on Ash Wednesday and, weirdly, I enjoy it. I like how it attunes my body to my hunger signals and when I finally do eat I enjoy healthy foods immensely.

In my next post I will share my measurements and weight (and maybe pictures) so we can see if there is any progress during these 40 days! Ack.


I Stepped on the Scale This Morning

Since it’s Sunday I decided to weigh myself. I have only been juicing for two days but I decided Sundays will be the day I weigh myself this year and I will record it here. I stepped on the scale and was shocked! I reweighed myself five more times to be sure.


What in the world?! I really don’t get it but that’s what it said. I think I weight 156 last week! So, total weight lost is now 6.2 pounds! WOW WOW WOW

I am so freaking excited!!!

Before Pictures

So, I took some less horrifying before pictures (i.e with more clothes on) which I can post. One day I may post the more revealing ones but trust me when I tell you– you don’t really want to see them!!

I took these pictures yesterday on Day 2. I will put my starting weight and some other info along with the pictures. Here we go.

Weight: 154 pounds
Energy Level: extremely low, always tired!
Hair: Dry and thinning
Skin and nails:
Dry and weak

Now let’s get a close up of those huge hips, shall we? Ugh!!IMG_0622BAM!!!! lol (not funny :()

Boot-ay for DAYS. Yuck.

I am SO over this body. And trust me when I tell you I look way better clothed!

Okay, now that I have sufficiently embarrassed myself to the entire world (or my three readers) I hope that means I will tackle the next 25 days with gusto!