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Feeling More Committed

I haven’t been perfect by any stretch of the imagination but that’s okay. I am just checking in to say that I have been eating many homemade meals and am drinking tons more water. I have also noticed that by default my daughter has been eating much healthier and has even stopped asking for dessert! In fact, it’s been several days, a couple of weeks maybe. This is great! It means that my healthier eating is either rubbing off on her or she is feeling more satisfied by eating the real food that I am preparing. I am so happy about that! I haven’t been sugar-free but I also have decreased my refined sugar consumption by like 85%. Love it!

Meanwhile, I bought myself a flat-screened TV today so kettlebell workouts and Pilates and yoga are in my near future. I think I will cancel my gym membership.


Down for the Count

I’ve been away from blogging for a while because I am really sick!  Hell, I don’t know if it’s dust or dairy or stress but I feel like crap! Woke up in the middle of the night coughing, can’t sleep, sore throat, post nasal drip.. just plain run down. I haven’t eaten terribly but no energy to do much prepping and planning. Can’t wait to get well and get back on track. In preparation I have bought a food processor (for chopping nuts and dates, etc.) and a new salad spinner and exchanged my juicer because that darn thing did not like kale or celery and those are necessary components of my morning juices and smoothies. I am also excited to start working out again. Still waiting for my shipment from overseas but inside are my yoga and kettle bell tapes that I have never used but plan to when they arrive. The mindset is ready, now I just need the rest of the factors to fall into place!